Synergi Life streamlines operational risk management, offering a comprehensive digital framework tailored for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks

With features such as customizable templates, automated risk registers, and multi-dimensional risk matrices adaptable to specific models, it enables organizations to effectively manage uncertainties and align with their operational goals. Synergi Life facilitates seamless expansion and integration, supporting barrier management and bowtie diagrams to enhance risk control strategies and ensure operational resilience. Hosted on a secure cloud service, it provides reliability, scalability, and accessibility for organizations seeking to optimize their risk management processes.

Synergi Life’s unique integration of risk management processes with barrier management allows for seamless tracking and assessment of the barriers put in place against identified risks.

This has multiple benefits for the organization including:  

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts 
  • Customizable barrier models 
  • Data-driven insights from performance over time 
  • Encourages cross-functional engagement


Discover the featured modules of Synergi Life risk and barrier management software

Risk management

Synergi Life's Risk Management solution provides a centralized and integrated platform for comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation. It enhances operational efficiency through streamlined processes and improved visibility into risk profiles, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Moreover, the module supports continuous improvement and increased organizational resilience by facilitating proactive risk management practices and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Barrier management

The Barrier Management module with bowtie diagrams provides a visual and systematic approach to understanding, communicating, and controlling risks. Through the clear identification of hazards, outcomes, and critical controls, the software enhances the ability to allocate resources effectively and improve organizational safety and compliance.

Support a proactive risk management culture by facilitating comprehensive risk analysis, prioritizing barrier integrity, and enabling dynamic adjustments to risk controls. 

Explore additional modules to support risk and barrier management

  Inspection management

Inspection management

  Permit and deviation management

Permit and deviation management

  Improvement management

Improvement management

  Incident management

Incident management

Discover FAQs about Synergi Life for operational risks:

DNV’s Synergi Life is an HSE and Quality, risk management and ESG software, helping organizations proactively identify and mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and improve their operations.

Absolutely. Synergi Life is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of various industries. Our team will work closely with you to tailor the solution to align with your industry standards and specific safety objectives.

While traditional risk management focuses on identifying and mitigating risks, Barrier Management specifically emphasizes the importance of physical and procedural safeguards (barriers) that prevent, control, or mitigate the impact of identified risks. DNV’s Synergi Life software provides a holistic view of your organisation’s risks, threats, barriers, and their corresponding impacts.

Yes, Synergi Life caters to a wide range of organizations, from large enterprises to smaller businesses. It offers scalability to accommodate the needs of different-sized entities.

Synergi Life is a comprehensive HSE software solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems like Azure AD (Entra ID) and PowerBI. Read more here.

Synergi Life offers comprehensive support and training programs, including documentation and online resources. You can find more details here.

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