Synergi Life software enables seamless sharing, collaboration, and continuous improvement in safety, risk, and sustainability initiatives.

Unlock organisational excellence with Synergi Life

Synergi Life software is designed to help organisations effectively manage enterprise risk, incidents, quality and operational excellence initiatives. Additionally, it offers a robust framework for seamless process and workflow rollout across the organisation for streamlined operations and increased efficiency.  

Synergi Life software userModular and scalable – Our software is engineered to seamlessly integrate across functions and modules, facilitating cross-functional support and driving organizational outcomes through insightful collaboration. 

Integrates with your tools and processes – Synergi Life seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and processes, enhancing transparency and streamlining reporting to optimize operational efficiency. 

Easy to learn – Accessible on mobile, desktop, and even offline, Synergi Life boasts an intuitive user interface, requiring minimal training for users to quickly adapt and maximize productivity. 

Developed by expertsSynergi Life is the culmination of a collaboration between seasoned experts and leading advisors, harnessing over 150 years of DNV's unparalleled expertise.

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Our customers have trusted Synergi Life for decades to capture valuable insights, protect their workforce, and anchor workflows and processes throughout their organization.

synergi life software users in office spaceWith Synergi Life, they've experienced a range of benefits: 

Elevating insights to new heights - Our software enhances transparency and fosters increased stakeholder engagement. 

Breaking down data silos - Synergi Life connects insights seamlessly across initiatives and departments. 

Providing a robust digital framework - Synergi Life ensures the delivery of a reliable and effective line of sight into governance, risk, and compliance practices. 


Explore frequently asked questions about Synergi Life:

An HSE software, such as Synergi Life, is a digital solution designed to manage and improve environmental, health, and safety processes within organizations. It helps track hazards, incidents, compliance, and occupational health, ensuring a safer workplace.

An HSE software such as Synergi Life offers several advantages, including: 

  • Efficiency: Streamlines processes and reduces paperwork. 
  • Compliance: Helps meet regulatory requirements. 
  • Risk reduction: Identifies and mitigates risks. 
  • Data insights: Provides actionable insights for decision-making. 
  • Employee safety: Enhances workplace safety and health. 

Synergi Life is an integrated solution that can be used to manage different aspects of EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) and quality, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and risk management within a single platform. The individual purpose-built modules address different focus areas within each discipline.

Synergi Life software includes a comprehensive suite of features designed to support risk management, quality assurance, and sustainability initiatives that includes: 

  • Built-in best practices for risk management processes
  • Multi-dimensional risk matrices are easily adaptable to customer-specific models
  • Automated risk registers, dashboards and reports in the built-in BI tool 
  • Administrator access to implement customer-specific information such as organization, users, fields and content 
  • Target setting for environmental management
  • Template for risks, risk events and action plans 
  • Software and hardware flexibility
  • Multiple language support
  • Support for SMS and web PUSH notifications
  • Barrier management with bowtie visualisation
  • Modular scalability and a high level of customisation
  • Mobile and offline accessibility
  • Workflows for data governance
  • Compliance support for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 31001, ISO 13484, & API Q1/Q2
  • Standard integrations with Microsoft Entra ID, Power BI, Snowflake, Tableau and others, as well as API capabilities
  • Integrates with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database
  • Integrates with existing mail servers and Microsoft Office
  • Task automation
  • Access to Help, Knowledge Centre, and support services
  • Guaranteed 99.9% availability 

No, you can choose specific modules based on your organization’s needs. Synergi Life is a fully scalable solution that grows with your organisation’s requirements, allowing you to add more modules to reflect your business needs. All modules work together and data can shared between the modules to provide a holistic risk picture.

We recommend customers to start with the modules that support their most critical business needs first, whether that is risk management, incident management, environmental management or any of our other modules. After the initial modules are launched and adopted, it’s easy to add additional modules. Since the modules all function similarly, no new user training is required, and data can be shared between modules.

The pricing of Synergi Life is flexible and based on factors such as the number of users, modules required, and customization needs. Enterprise-wide agreements are also available. Contact our team for personalized pricing details.

In Synergi Life, you can control data access down to specific fields to ensure data privacy. Many of our customers in the healthcare sector appreciate the granular control of data access to protect sensitive data.

Yes, we offer training for Synergi Life administrators ranging from Certified Administrator Training to a deep dive course on the customization of dashboards. Training materials for end users can be found in our customer portal. An overview of the courses available for our customers can be found here.

Synergi Life is heavily used in the energy, transportation, process, construction, and healthcare industries, but is configurable to various sectors.

Synergi Life prioritizes data security and complies with GDPR regulations. Your information is stored securely within the platform and access levels to all data are highly configurable. 

Synergi Life is a comprehensive EHS software solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems like Azure AD (Entra ID) and PowerBI. Read more here.

Synergi Life offers a trial version for its risk management solution. You can find more information here. You can also request a demo to explore the different modules and understand how it they can benefit your organization.

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