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Decades of safety innovation: Yara’s Synergi Life journey

Moving from hazardous incident management to data-driven insights integrated into a comprehensive HSE solution

Decades of Synergi Life partnership

Yara's long-standing partnership with Synergi Life has seen continuous growth and the expansion of the application across various business processes. Initially adopted to manage and mitigate potential hazardous incidents, Synergi Life quickly won over the HSEQ team with its user-friendly interface and access to safety data. Subsequently, Yara expanded its use to encompass Behavior Observations, Audit Management, Quality Management, and a customized Inspection Management module tailored for Systematic Inspections. 

Enhancing safety and beyond

Nancy de Prest, HSEQ Manager at Yara, emphasized the company's commitment to engaging a broad spectrum of employees in their HSEQ program. "We believe that a successful HSEQ program involves as many employees as possible," she stated. Synergi Life is now actively utilized by 4,000 Yara employees, significantly enhancing the accuracy of their risk assessment and trend identification. 

Engaging the workforce 

With the latest version of Synergi Life offering an improved user interface and easily accessible front-page reports, employees at Yara have found it more convenient to track essential risk information, often utilizing the platform on their mobile devices. 

A robust management tool 

Yara's experience with Synergi Life underscores its role as a robust management tool, facilitating risk analysis and trend identification. The platform's integration with PowerBI ensures data availability to stakeholders across the organization, consolidating key corporate information into a central system. Local units, the sustainability team, and the environmental team all rely on Synergi Life data for reporting and compliance with local regulations. 

The adoption of dashboard features by Yara's teams has been pivotal, enabling the creation of company-wide reports and dashboards for unit-specific metrics. This approach streamlines reporting processes and ensures that crucial data remains easily accessible for various units. 

Currently, the Yara team extends their use of Synergi Life beyond initial incident management, utilizing it to track security incidents and maintain product quality. Leveraging Synergi Life’s Quality Management module, Yara ensures their products surpass customer expectations. The software aids in establishing and maintaining rigorous product quality processes, facilitating performance measurement and management across operations, products, services, and communications. Additionally, it ensures compliance with standards and regulations, reinforcing Yara's commitment to excellence. 

Exploring future possibilities 

Yara's HSEQ department envisions the potential for Synergi Life to benefit other organizational sectors beyond HSEQ. Collaborations with the security and occupational health departments are underway, with a particular focus on holistic employee health and well-being. 

Yara values its close collaboration with the DNV Synergi Life team, as regular meetings ensure alignment with their plans and swift issue resolution. Looking ahead, the company is excited about the future possibilities of Synergi Life and how it can continue to evolve its use.

About Yara International 

Yara International is a global agricultural and environmental solutions company, renowned for its commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. As a leader in industrial safety with a presence in over 60 countries, Yara specializes in providing crop nutrition and industrial solutions while prioritizing environmental health and safety. The company's innovative approach to agriculture and industry aims to foster sustainable development and reduce the environmental impact of its operations. 


Employees: 17,500  

Number of users:  4000+ users  

Market: Global 

Product: Incident Management, Risk Management, Audit Management, Inspection Management, Quality Management 


What Yara International gained with Synergi Life: 

  • Unification of all HSEQ data in one location 
  • Enabled all local units with access to the latest on-demand HSEQ data 
  • Visibility of risk trends across the organization 
Yara International - Nancy de Prest

We believe that a successful HSEQ program involves as many employees as possible.

  • Nancy de Prest ,
  • HSEQ Manager ,
  • Yara

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