Maximize operational efficiency with Synergi Life's add-ons and integrations

Streamline access, consolidate data insights, and enhance safety management to seamlessly connect critical business processes.

Synergi Life integrations

Synergi Life's integrations provide streamlined workflows and enhanced data analysis capabilities, so organisations can efficiently manage risk, compliance, and safety in a unified platform.

These integrations facilitate real-time data sharing across systems, improving decision-making and operational transparency. 

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) integration

The Entra ID integration offers organisations enhanced security and streamlined access management by allowing seamless, single sign-on capabilities across multiple applications. This integration simplifies user experience and reduces IT complexity, making it easier to manage access rights, comply with security policies, and improve overall operational efficiency. 

Data Connect

The Data Connect integration enables efficient and accurate data consolidation from BI tools, data warehouses and other apps, into a centralized system. The integration not only streamlines data processes but also supports better decision-making with comprehensive and reliable data insights. Use the Data Connect integration to connect Synergi Life data with programs like:  

  • Power BI 
  • Snowflake 
  • QlikView 
  • Tableau 
  • ChatGPT 


Synergi Life add-ons and enhancements 

Synergi Life's add-ons enhance data interaction, mobile reporting, secure communication, and user inclusivity.

These features streamline workflows, improve safety management, facilitate seamless integrations, and support a diverse, global workforce.  

Excel add-in 

The Excel add-in for Synergi Life enables users to directly interact with Synergi Life data from within Excel. This is useful for tasks that involve extensive data analysis or reporting. Uses include:  

  • Data import and export 
  • Custom reporting and analysis 
  • Automated data updates 
  • Streamlining workflows 

Synergi Life Connect  

The Synergi Life Connect app enhances safety and quality management through mobile reporting, offline capability, and a user-friendly interface, enabling immediate and accurate incident reporting from anywhere. It supports push notifications and personalized dashboards to keep users informed and engaged with relevant tasks, fostering timely responses and a culture of safety. Additionally, the app's support for multiple languages and access to safety information ensures that safety guidelines are accessible to a diverse workforce, promoting adherence to safety standards. Read more here.

Survey Manager  

Synergi Life's Survey Manager enhances risk management and decision-making by providing integrated tools for comprehensive assessment and automated risk evaluation of external parties such as suppliers and contractors. Survey Manager includes features for efficient survey management and customisable configurations, streamlines processes and improves communication, making it an asset for managing external risk profiles. 


Beyond standard integrations, Synergi Life has the ability to connect with APIs to facilitate seamless integration with external systems, automating data exchange and enhancing workflow efficiencies across organizational software ecosystems. This capability allows for the automation of processes, enhanced data analysis, and the development of custom integrations, significantly expanding the functionality of Synergi Life and enabling organizations to tailor its use to their specific needs. 

Secure internet  

The Secure Internet add-on in Synergi Life utilizes HTTPS and TLS 1.2 or higher to secure sessions over the internet, ensuring that all data transmitted between the user’s browser and the Synergi Life server is encrypted. The solution safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized interception, maintaining data integrity and privacy for users accessing the system remotely. 

Anonymous incident reporting  

The anonymous incident reporting option in Synergi Life promotes a culture of safety and transparency by enabling individuals to report incidents and safety concerns without fear of identification or reprisal. This feature helps organizations identify and address potential risks more effectively by encouraging a broader participation in safety reporting.  

Language packs  

Synergi Life's Language Packs allow the interface, menus, and textual elements to be presented in the users' native languages. This feature supports better user engagement, reduces the learning curve, and ensures that non-English speaking users can effectively utilize the system, thereby supporting international operations and diverse workforce inclusivity.

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