AI in Synergi Life: Enhancing efficiency and safety in operations 

At DNV, we understand the evolving complexities and challenges faced by professionals in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE), ESG and Risk Management. The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in our Synergi Life software is designed to address these challenges head-on, transforming data into actionable insights and fostering a safer, more compliant, and sustainable operational environment.

Empowering QHSE professionals with AI

The integration of AI within Synergi Life provides efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in operational excellence and sustainable development. Our AI-driven solutions offer: 

Cost savings: By preventing lost-time incidents, occupational illnesses, and enhancing risk identification, the Synergi Life AI Assistant can help to reduce potential liabilities and operational disruptions. 

Quality improvements: Boosting human capabilities, our AI technology minimises the risk of human error, improves the classification of cases, and enhances trend analysis, ensuring a higher standard of compliance and safety. 

Time efficiency: By automating and streamlining routine tasks, our AI Assistant allows QHSE professionals to allocate more time to proactive safety measures and strategic decision-making. 

Enhanced user experience: AI simplifies data entry processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability in compliance documentation.

The Synergi AI Advisor

The virtual advisor uses sophisticated AI algorithms to guide users through Synergi Life's features and functions. It provides contextual help, automated insights, and personalised recommendations, ensuring users can maximize the tool's potential.

Designed with the user in mind, the Synergi AI Advisor leverages the latest in AI technology, including capabilities powered by GPT-4, to provide unparalleled support in navigating Synergi Life’s comprehensive toolset.


Customers using the Synergi AI Advisor can take advantage of:

Domain expertise: With a foundation in HSE, ESG, risk, and assurance, plus in-depth training on Synergi Life’s technical documentation and demo data, the Advisor understands the unique needs and challenges of QHSE management.

Actionable insights: Beyond data interpretation, the Advisor guides users on effective action, helping update and manage Synergi Life records with informed decision-making.

Customizable support: Tailored to meet specific organizational needs, the Advisor can adapt to unique competencies, processes, and procedures, enhancing its utility across various operational contexts.

Cato for Synergi Life

Synergi Life's Cato AI is an innovative machine learning (ML) tool developed to enhance case management efficiency in safety and risk environments. Originally designed to streamline support case routing, Cato has evolved to support a broader range of applications, including predictive analytics for incident and risk management. 

By automating the categorisation of cases, Cato significantly reduces the time spent by health, safety, and environment (HSE) and risk management teams on manual data analysis, allowing for more focused preventive measures. This automation also improves the accuracy of data categorization, leading to better safety outcomes and compliance. 


Customers using Cato can take advantage of:  

Time efficiency: Reduces administrative overhead for HSE and Risk Management teams, saving thousands of minutes each month which can be redirected towards proactive safety measures. 

Accuracy and compliance: Enhances the precision of case categorization, improving overall safety reporting and compliance with regulatory standards. 

User experience: Simplifies the reporting process for employees, making it easier and more intuitive to file incident reports correctly and efficiently. 

Adaptive learning: Continuously learns and adapts to new data and user behaviour, ensuring the tool remains effective as organizational needs evolve. 

Security and integration: Maintains high standards of data security and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, minimizing disruptions, and enhancing functionality.

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