Take control of business and strategy risks with Synergi Life 

In addition to the dedicated Risk Management module, Synergi Life software includes purpose-built modules to support enterprise risk management efforts including cyber security, business contingency management, and activity management. The comprehensive solution empowers business leaders to proactively identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor risks across all facets of the organization, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational resilience.

Synergi Life provides actionable insights for informed decision-making, enabling executives to stay ahead of emerging GRC challenges and safeguard the integrity and reputation of the business. 

Synergi Life enterprise risk management software delivers: 

  • A clear historic record of actions and initiatives 
  • Single interconnected platform 
  • Support for compliance with ISO 9001, 27000, 31001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 and COSO 
  • Integration with business-critical solutions like PowerBI, Entra ID, Tableau, Snowflake, SAP, and more.  
  • A platform to both collect data and create actions to drive organizational excellence

Key features of Synergi Life for business and strategy risks include:

Built-In compliance workflows

Stay ahead in the compliance landscape with Synergi Life. Our solution includes built-in workflows compliant with a broad range of industry standards and reflects industry best practices. Synergi Life ensures your operations adhere to the highest standards.

Enhance collaboration and transparency

Synergi Life offers a centralized platform for sharing, monitoring, and collaborating on risks and actions. Foster trust among stakeholders, seamlessly assign and track actions, and analyze findings for continuous improvement.



Modules to support Business Risk Managment:

Cyber security management

Streamline cyber security risk management with ease using our advanced module. 

Gain real-time insights and control with our state-of-the-art risk dashboard, ensuring proactive identification and resolution of security incidents.

Elevate your organization's cyber security posture with Synergi Life's comprehensive solution.

Activity management

The Synergi Life Activity Management module enhances HSE management by providing tools for planning, monitoring, and following up on HSE activities, meetings, initiatives, and plans, offering a central platform for efficient organization, clear responsibility allocation, and performance transparency through comprehensive reporting and dashboards.

This module streamlines communication, boosts productivity, and facilitates a proactive response to HSE issues, ensuring a robust and effective HSE management system.

Business contingency management

Synergi Life's Business Contingency Management module enables proactive management of QHSE risks through comprehensive reporting, action tracking, and the promotion of best practices, ensuring organizations are primed for resilience and preparedness in evolving business landscapes.

This module supports strategies for business contingency with a focus on strategic planning, risk and supply chain management, business transformation, and compliance with emerging pathogen guidelines, enhancing organizational resilience and stakeholder confidence.

FAQs about Synergi Life for business and strategy risks

DNV’s Synergi Life is an HSE and quality, risk management and ESG software, helping organizations proactively identify and mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and improve their operations.

A risk management software like Synergi Life is a tool designed to help organizations identify, assess, and manage risks systematically across the entire business. It is crucial for improving decision-making, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall organizational resilience.

An enterprise risk management software offers comprehensive tools for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks across various organizational processes, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. It facilitates a proactive approach to risk management, allowing organizations to anticipate potential challenges and implement effective strategies to minimize impact, thereby safeguarding assets and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Synergi Life handles both enterprise and operational risks, including non-conformances, incidents, audits, improvements, suggestions, and risk analyses.

Synergi Life is a comprehensive quality, HSE and risk management software solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems like Azure AD (Entra ID) and PowerBI. Read more here.

Yes, Synergi Life risk management software offers customization options to adapt to different industries, organizational structures, and risk profiles. This ensures that the software aligns with specific business requirements.

Synergi Life helps organizations stay compliant by providing features like automated compliance tracking, documentation management, and reporting tools, ensuring that regulatory requirements are met efficiently.

Synergi Life is designed to be scalable and adaptable to evolving risks. It allows organizations to update risk profiles, assess new risks, and adjust risk mitigation strategies as the business environment changes.

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