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Professional risk management made easy

From a holistic overview to case details, Synergi Life lets you understand your risk picture at first sight.

Manage your risk registers more efficiently

In-built risk registers are designed to highlight key elements, ensuring identification and monitoring of risks, criticality, owners, response strategies and status.

Risk treatment is made transparent

Actions created to prevent, control or mitigate risks are an integral part of the risk management system and are easily tracked and monitored.

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Built in BI Tool

Collect, analyse, monitor and predict business scenarios by creating a clear perspective of all the data in Synergi Life. Synergi Life identifies trends and enables self-service analytics. The tool offers various powerful visualizations for real-time online data analysis.

Compliant with best practice

Synergi Life in-built workflows are compliant to most consensus standards, such as ISO 9001, 27000, 31000 and COSO, and they reflect industry best practices. Synergi Life guides the end-users through the necessary steps.

Aligned to your IT strategy

Synergi Life as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables your digital transformation journey to support your business online and on-the-go, through instant access and self-service onboarding in a scalable cloud service. Synergi Life is enabled for mobile devices and cross-platform browsers, for easy reporting from the field. Work from wherever you are and whenever you need.

Fit for purpose now and in the future

Synergi Life Risk Management

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