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Our risk management software supports you and your organization in the overall risk assessment and management process

Risk Management software

As the complexity and quantity of risk data grows, there is a critical need for efficient ways of structuring the risk picture. Still, there are different ways of following up risk management depending on the activities and reporting requirements in the different areas within an organization.

Risk management software increases your capabilities in identifying, managing and controlling risk in real time, efficiently improving decision-making. It gives you the ability to aggregate, perform analyses and visualize the value of the efforts invested in risk management.

The Risk Management software module in Synergi Life (including legacy EasyRisk functionality) supports you in the overall process of identifying, qualifying and mitigating risks in an interactive and transparent process, with an intuitive web-based application. The Risk Management system supports all stages of decision-making, from the front end users to back office or mobile resources – all in a flexible package covering everything from offline forms to online real-time dashboards.

Use structured risk breakdown pictures in multiple dimensions, including organization, assets, project phases, deliverables, technical areas, geographical locations and more. See links between risks, actions and incidents, automated e-mail notifictions, simultaneous data entry, tailored statistical outputs and reports, secure role-based access rights and tracking of audit history.

Risk assessment software solution benefits:

  • Effective processes and systems to manage your risks
  • Identification, management and control of risk in real time
  • Best practice risk management principles in accordance with ISO 31000, COSO, ISO 27000 etc.
  • Software based on DNV’s extensive experience in risk management, including oil and gas risk management
  • Flexible reporting and data management through web or mobile form factors 
  • Aggregation and communication of trends and KPIs through reports and dashboards
  • Allows you to reduce direct costs by bringing the overall risk level down, preventing disruption and minimizing potential loss from unwanted events
  • Supports each stage in the risk assessment and management processes through online and offline data capture formats
  • Addresses project, operation and enterprise risk assessments (ERA), strategic and organization-wide risk and opportunities, HAZOP and preliminary hazard analyses (PHA) – potential hazards for a project, process or the wider organization
  • Creates a transparent process across:
    - Enterprise risk management
    - Operational risk management
    - Project risk management
    - Security risk management
    - Safety risk management
    - Environmental risk management
    - Supply chain risk management 

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OMV and Huberta Kulmhofer uses Synergi Life Risk Management module

Synergi Life - Risk Management module is very easy to use and has a high level of flexibility.

  • Dr Huberta Kulmhofer ,
  • Corporate Project Risk Manager, Corporate Project Management ,
  • OMV Aktiengesellschaft

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