Risk and QHSE management consulting and customization

Our Synergi Life experts understand your challenges

We have two decades of experience in risk management systems, and our Synergi Life experts are specialized in understanding your challenges. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge across several industries areas such as oil and gas, energy, transport, communications, construction, process and general industry and healthcare as well as the public sector.

Synergi Life consultancy services for risk and QHSE management
Risk and QHSE management consulting and customization

Synergi Life consulting services

We provide client-specific packages within the following areas:

  • Best practice and experience transfer
  • Customized training and training material
  • Combined training within QHSE and quality, incident investigation, risk management and Synergi Life
  • Best practice Synergi Life and QHSE administration - lowering your total cost of ownership
  • Best practice risk and QHSE monitoring and analytics: how to get the most out of your data
  • In-depth studies, trending and analysis of your risk, HSE and quality performance data
  • Quality control, verification and validation of your data and system implementation practices

Customization services

In addition to consulting and training, we offer customization services to help develop and adjust your organization’s QHSE system. The highly skilled software engineers in our development department will assist all clients with individual requests and needs concerning Synergi Life and health, safety, environment and quality. We can customize special reports (annual, quarterly, monthly, management reports, dashboards, etc) and integrate Synergi Life with other systems.

Typical integrations are:

  • Data from catalogues such as LDAP and Active Directory
  • Transfer costs from SAP to the Synergi Life insurance module
  • Transfer data on working hours and absence
  • Transfer actions from Synergi Life to SAP maintenance module
  • Scripting
  • Adding of references
  • Initial download of code tables
  • Collect and convert data from other systems and files
  • Configuration of interface (basic, extensive)
  • Migration of data from legacy systems
  • Development of any custom modules
Synergi Life - consulting for risk and QHSE management
Synergi Life consulting services
Synergi Life - migration for risk and QHSE management
Customization services

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