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Synergi Life is one of the world's recognized EH&S (environment, health and safety) software brands, according to Verdantix Global EH&S Survey.

DNV’s ESG management tool brings ESG to life

WHO we are

DNV is one of the world’s largest independent assurance and risk management organizations. As the subject matter experts, we use Synergi Life for our own Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) management and put the best practice back into the software development.

WHY ESG reporting is important

There are continuous parallels being drawn between the unforeseen risks of social responsibility and climate crisis, with both impacting the global economy substantially. Therefore, ESG reporting has become a key priority for most organizations.

HOW Synergi Life can help

Synergi Life ESG - workflow


1. GRI-aligned ESG data capturing and data input service

Swapping from spreadsheets to Synergi Life’s easy-to-use forms will not only save you time but also improve the data quality. The GRI-aligned data capturing and single version of the truth would save you time and effort on more important things than compiling data.

Synergi Life ESG - step 1

Easy data import and export

Synergi Life is simple to get started with our MS Excel template for data import and export. You can easily export your data whenever you need to.

Worry about the hassle of ESG data entry?

ESG data entry could be a time-intensive and hectic task for non-experienced workforce. DNV provides value for money data input service. Let the experts handle the input of ESG related data from various resources into digital templates according to the reporting requirements, 2 times a year.

Why outsource ESG data input:

  • Cost-effective: To outsource the non-core data input tasks is cost-effective so that your in-house team can focus on the most important business.
  • Higher data accuracy: the purpose-led data entry by DNV’s specialists ensures a higher data accuracy, which lays the ground for the credibility and transparency of your ESG report 

2. Verification

Data Analysis Dashboard helps share information across organizations, better track progress on actions, analyze and verify data, improve data quality, and follow up on cases.
Synergi Life ESG - step 2

3. Generate

Time-saving templates of professional-looking reports, with the flexibility to customize for your needs. You can export and share the report or download it to various formats for further analysis or edits.
Synergi Life ESG - step 4

4. Automated reporting

Automated calculations and reporting against standards (GRI, etc) for example:
    - Scope 1,2,3 of GHG emissions
    - Waste, energy, material, and water consumption reports
Synergi Life ESG - step 3

5. Access anytime, anywhere

Access your ESG data and dashboards online or offline, whenever you need.
Synergi Life ESG - step 5 


If you have any questions or need a detailed walk-through to see how it works, feel free to contact us via or fill out the web form on the right.

Free Standard Standard plus Enterprise


$0 USD

Try before you buy

Access and try basic features for a limited time

Free plan includes:

  • Data capturing 
  • Emission calculator 
  • Statistics dashboard 
  • Generate sustainability performance result 


$1980 USD / year

Billed annually

Subsequent users:
$700 / year / user

Includes Free, plus:

  • Performance result
  • Full sustainability report 
  • 1 user of Administrator  
  • 1 user of Data capture, verification & reporting

Standard plus

$3880 USD / year

Billed annually

Subsequent users:
$700 / year / user

Includes Free, plus:

  • Performance result
  • Full sustainability report 
  • 1 user of Administrator  
  • 4 users of Data capture, verification & reporting


For organizations that need a customised scope.

Expand your experience across processes and larger teams.

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  Synergi Life ESG solution

Synergi Life ESG solution

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  DNV brings ESG to life

DNV brings ESG to life

ESG is not just an accounting exercise, watch the video and see how a great ESG strategy can transform your business

  Strategize your ESG ambitions

Strategize your ESG ambitions

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  Synergi Life ESG solution workflow

Synergi Life ESG solution workflow

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