Synergi Life’s whistleblowing and anonymous reporting features

Ensuring compliance and ethics through Synergi Life’s whistleblowing and anonymous reporting features

What is whistleblowing?  

Whistleblowing is when an employee exposes illegal, unethical, or improper conduct within the organisation to internal or external authorities. It is used as a mechanism to uphold integrity and compliance within an organisation.  


Why do organisations establish a channel for whistleblowing?  

Promotes ethical culture and compliance: A whistle-blowing channel fosters a culture of integrity and accountability by providing a safe way for employees to report unethical or illegal activities. It helps ensure the organisation complies with laws and regulations, thereby avoiding legal penalties and maintaining operating licenses. 

Protects the organisation and its employees: It serves as an early warning system to detect and prevent fraud, corruption, and other misconduct. Whistleblower protection policies encourage more employees to report issues without fear of retaliation, which helps safeguard the organisation’s reputation and financial health. 

Enhances transparency and accountability: By establishing clear processes for reporting and addressing grievances, a whistle-blowing channel improves transparency within the organisation. This builds trust among employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders, and promotes good corporate governance practices. 

Synergi Life can support the whistleblowing process within an organisation through its public user functionality. This functionality is specifically designed for anonymous reporting, enabling users to report misconduct, harassment, and other actions that conflict with company policies and standards of behaviour without revealing their identity. 

Key features supporting whistleblowing:

1. Anonymous reporting: 

  • The public user interface is designed to ensure confidentiality and anonymity for the reporter, allowing them to report issues without fear of retaliation. 
  • Reports submitted by public users do not display the reporter's identity, maintaining the confidentiality of the whistleblower. 

2. Case management: 

  • The system allows for detailed case registration, processing, and tracking of whistleblowing reports, ensuring that each case is handled appropriately. 
  • Confidential or sensitive information related to whistleblowing can be marked to ensure restricted access, visible only to users with extended access rights. 

3. Email notifications: 

  • Synergi Life can send various types of email notifications related to the whistleblowing process, such as informing the person in charge when a new case is submitted or when actions are required. 

4. User roles and access: 

  • Different user roles and access levels can be configured to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or manage whistleblowing reports. This includes setting up central, local, and limited local administrators. 

Thanks to these features, Synergi Life provides a framework for managing whistleblowing processes, ensuring that reports are handled confidentially and efficiently, and supporting organisations in maintaining compliance and ethical standards.

Beyond whistleblowing, the public user feature is also used by our customers to support the following processes:  

  • Suggestions and feedback – Remove barriers to gather anonymous suggestions from employees and external stakeholders.  
  • Non-compliance and ethical violations – Manage any reports of fraudulent activities, conflicts of interest, or any non-ethical behaviour.  
  • Harassment and discrimination – Anonymously report cases of harassment or discrimination for a safer work environment without fear of retaliation.  
  • Health and safety concerns – Ensure that potential hazards are addressed before they can cause harm including working conditions or malfunctions.  
  • Quality control – Maintain high standards of product or service quality and ensure that any defects or irregularities are dealt with promptly.  

The public user feature and anonymous incident reporting in Synergi Life provide a versatile tool to promote transparency, safety, and continuous improvement.

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