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DNV is one of the world’s largest independent assurance and risk management organizations. As the subject matter experts, we use Synergi Life for our own ESG management and put the best-practice back to the software development.

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Christine Chiew Yeuin Low

Solutions Sales Manager - QHSE Ecosystem, South East Asia & Oceania

Developing an actionable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) plan starts with a durable and sustainable business strategy. It’s about how you improve your operational, asset, and supply chain performance, and how you report this in a transparent way to inspire trust in your company. ​

ESG is not just an accounting exercise:

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ESG is real operational and cultural change, built on a plan of action and a real understanding of what can and should be done. A plan that explores every environmental, social, and governance touchpoint from strategy mapping to finance and reporting.​

And when that plan is materialized by Synergi Life ESG software, with DNV’s deep operational knowledge guiding decisive solutions to reduce risk, add value, and build trust, that’s how we can help to bring your ESG strategy to life.​

ESG - Risk dashboard

Automate and simplify Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data collection and progress against targets with Synergi Life​.

Our consultancy experts have already assisted numerous industrial stakeholders on ESG matters. And the success can be replicated in your company through Synergi Life software.​

  • ESG strategy – setting a sustainable pathway for your company​
  • ESG framework development – defining targets, KPIs, and processes and digitizing them in Synergi Life​
  • ESG due diligence – GAP analysis identifying and managing ESG risks and opportunities towards relevant standards and systems​
  • Automated and simplified ESG data collection and data verification – ensuring a scientific foundation and trust in reporting​
  • Automated ESG data reporting – saving time and cost, and speeding up the improvement cycle​
  • Multi-stakeholder view on ESG data – streamlining multiple stakeholders reporting through real-time dashboard and monitoring KPIs​

ESG - Environmental dashboard

  • Communicate and transparent follow-up through workflows​
  • Easy yet comprehensive ESG reporting meets local and global standards

ESG - Comprehensive ESG reporting

ESG Reporting – compliant with best practice​

ESG reporting covers topics such as recycling, greenhouse gas emissions, other pollutants to the air, ecological impacts, business ethics, employee health, and safety, as well as accident and safety management.​

ESG reports and sustainability reports aim to disclose performance on parameters within all three areas that are important for the company’s operation. The reporting serves to satisfy stakeholders’ demands for transparency on corporate responsibility issues. It also conveys that the company has policies, initiatives, and strategies in place to manage the ESG risks and opportunities.​

Synergi Life embeds DNV’s best practice ESG advice on the reporting and reporting structure (data in): ​

  • Data input​
  • Data structure​
  • Verification of data, workflows, and the document evidence - through Synergi Life​
  • Communication (data out)​
  • Calculations (e.g., scope 1, 2, 3 of GHG emissions)​
  • Supply chain risks levels​
  • Dashboards​
  • Reporting against standards (GRI, SBTI, etc.)​
  • Use the activity management module to track the reporting progress​
  • Integrations with other systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc) and calculation tools​

ESG - ESG dashboards

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Contact us:

Christine Chiew Yeuin Low

Solutions Sales Manager - QHSE Ecosystem, South East Asia & Oceania