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Risk management just got better– new approaches to controlling risk!

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The webinar recorded video "Barrier management in practice - mobility, analytics and usability as enablers for successful implementations" will help your enterprise to:

  • Identify personnel, technical and process barriers
  • Manage threats, major accident scenarios, effects and their barriers in one holistic view
  • Have a clear visibility of your enterprise including business operations on your barrier performance with action plans and improvement process
  • Identify missing or degraded barriers and efficiently implement corrections

In order to secure stable, safe and predictable operations you need to ensure that the proper systems, procedures and operational elements are in place and working. The integrity of barriers and their ability to support the intended safety level are critical in order to prevent loss in operations. By implementing barrier management software such as Synergi Life, your organization will have a solid framework to manage this dynamic picture, respond to changes and prevent the escalation of threats.