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Design and operation of offshore bottom fixed installations

Streamline your structural analysis process during design and operation phase.

We’ve created four packages to do structural design and operation of offshore topsides and bottom-fixed installations: ‘Module’, ‘Topside’, ‘Jacket’ and ‘Jacket Fatigue’ based on what our existing customers use, making it easier to decide what’s right for you. The functionality for design and operation is basically the same. The focus during design is to establish an optimum design basis often using lots of analysis iterations while operation focuses the update of the as-is structural data model and proving structural integrity at any time. International design codes propose the use of Structural Reanalysis Systems (SRS) during the operational life time of assets. The main purpose is to have an updated digital twin model of the as-is condition to ensure compliance with safety norms for the structural integrity of the installation. Design and Operation goes hand-in-hand as the as-built data model is the basis for the operational digital twin model. A key in SRS is to keep track of the version changes and to share the data with key stakeholders. Sesam Insight is made for this as it allows for version handling of data and results and easy sharing of the data to ensure all stakeholders understand changes over time and have access to as-is data. The single data concept as provided by Sesam is ideal in such sense, as it allows for changes of structure, properties, loads and environment over time.