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Building a sustainable future with next-generation wind farms and investment outcomes you can trust.



of energy production evaluation expertise*



of operational data**



Continuous validation of methodology***

*from wind farms globally 

**from 7 GW of European post-construction projects used for our offshore methodology 

***by leveraging onshore and offshore operational data


Unlock the full potential of your wind farm

The WindFarmer software makes it easy to predict reliable yield results for future wind farms, bringing the world's most validated methodologies to secure the long-term return on investments for your projects.

  • Trusted methodology: built on a reliable and trusted methodology of energy estimation
  • Cutting-edge simulation models: utilizing CFD.ML, time series analysis and Monte Carlo (P10-P90 levels)
  • Comprehensive wake and uncertainties analysis: a precise assessment of wake effects along with the impact of linear and non-linear uncertainties and losses

Calculation reference guide




Maximize productivity and efficiency with automated workflows

Empower users to create their own robust workflows and automate processes, saving valuable time and resources with the ability to perform complex calculations and trace the results. 

Our mature scripting functionality provides flexibility to innovate and customize your workflows to your specific needs, automate repetitive workflows and achieve accurate results with shorter delivery schedules.

WindFarmer documentation


From novice to expert: software for everyone

WindFarmer is a cutting-edge software tool that allows users to rapidly and simply master the complexity of wind energy analysis. 

  • User-friendly interface: Easy to access and navigate the intuitive workflow
  • Quick learning: Novice users can acquire skills quickly through guided workflows, e-learning, customized training and comprehensive documentation
  • Seamless onboarding: A simplified onboarding process allows the user to adapt quickly and start utilizing the software, reducing the learning curve
  • Support and community: Access extensive support resources, share knowledge and collaborate with experts

WindFarmer knowledge centre


WindFarmer software capabilities

WindFarmer is a reliable and comprehensive desktop software application for wind energy assessment, utilizing DNV's standard methodology and drawing on extensive onshore and offshore operational data to address the challenges of the rapidly expanding wind industry.

Base module

The WindFarmer Base module is a wind energy assessment software that helps design and optimize wind farm layouts by considering wind flow analysis, wake models and blockage effects to accurately predict annual energy production.

WindFarmer - product - base module



  • Site selection analysis and visualization, including GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, topography, wind resources and environmental restrictions
  • Wind climate analysis by using a data cleaning tool, MCP (measure, correlate, predict), long-term adjustment and wind shear model; making use of ERA 5 or MERRA 2 automated data download
  • Wind flow modelling: assess the effects of the terrain using your WAsP, CFD, or in-house-developed models
  • Wake modelling: large wind farm model, eddy viscosity model
  • Ørsted's TurbOPark Gaussian wake model, Jensen method with the modified park wake model
  • Blockage effect estimation tool; industry-only validated blockage tool
  • Multi-scenario-design iteration
  • Gridded turbine layers
  • Efficient iterative workflow
  • Turbine layout optimization
  • Turbine concept model library
  • Wind farm layout optimization
  • Time domain curtailment analysis
  • Monte Carlo net energy loss factor analysis
  • Data and report management

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Environment module

The WindFarmer Environment module is an optional add-on to the Base module that helps you prioritize environmental compliance in wind farm design by offering the option to conduct environmental assessments to identify any potential permitting risks. Wind farms can be designed by considering factors such as wind resources, noise emissions, and shadow flicker.

WindFarmer - product - automation module



  • Noise impact analysis
  • Shadow flicker analysis
  • Layout optimization with environmental constraints
  • Receptor results and report management
  • Environmental impact maps

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Automation module

The optional WindFarmer Automation module allows users to customize their workflows and automate batch calculations and iterated design investigations task.

Users can easily create complex scripts without prior coding experience thanks to its user-friendly interface, and the built-in library of pre-built modules provides a wide range of functionality.

WindFarmer - product - environment module


This software includes everything you need to complete any task efficiently and accurately, whether it's automating data analysis, producing reports, or performing complex calculations.

  • Open for your ideas; create your own workflows ​ 
  • Process Automation ​ 
  • Efficient and traceable workflows reduce the chances of errors
  • Quick and repeatable wind climate analysis ​ 
  • Automate batch calculations
  • High productivity due to faster energy production analysis ​ 
  • Customized Reporting and Visualization ​ 
  • Automation Repository Script Library​ 
  • Standardization: Re-use of script code for many projects ​ 
  • Scalability: easy implementation of ideas through an SDK (VSCode, Jupyter Notebooks, PyCharm) 

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Quick links:

  Downloads, videos and product help

Downloads, videos and product help

See our knowledge centre and technical documentation.

  Events and webinars

Events and webinars

Hear the latest from the WindFarmer team.

  Bespoke and public trainings

Bespoke and public trainings

See our range of training options for you and your team.



Explore our Analyst User Guide.

Why WindFarmer from DNV?

DNV is constantly innovating to meet its customers' changing needs. We transform ideas into services and solutions co-created with our customers.

We are committed to providing the wind industry with the most accurate prediction of future energy output. WindFarmer draws on DNV's 35 years and 340 GW of global wind farm energy production assessment experience, as well as 900 years of onshore and offshore operational data from completed projects, to continuously validate our methods and improve analysis transparency, project assurance, and project bankability.

The rapid expansion of offshore wind presents new energy assessment challenges due to larger machines, massive project scale, and flow conditions.





Yes, we offer discounted licences for researchers and for classroom teaching. 

Research licences provide fully functional software at a 50% discount. Research usage should meet all the following criteria:

  • The contracting party is an academic institution; its primary purpose is teaching and/or R&D, and it is not owned by a commercial organization
  • The work for which WindFarmer will be used is funded by government or other non-commercial entity
  • The results of the work will be published in an academic journal or conference paper
  • The sites and turbine models used are generic models available to others without undue restriction

Educational licences are offered to professors and lecturers for use by up to 50 students in a teaching environment. Please contact our sales team for more information on limitations and pricing.



WindFarmer is compatible with many file formats and its scripting capability provides a convenient way to interface with other formats, including your own in-house formats.

  • WindFarmer out of the box is compatible with any wind flow package that supports the WRG format
  • Many standard formats for GIS data via vector, raster and contour data imports
  • Download of SRTM terrain data and background images from multiple providers
  • Wind data statistics via .tab and .wti files
  • Wind time series from text files, through a data import wizard that handles all common data/time formats, field delimiters, etc.
  • Direct import/export with DNV's Resource Panorama service
  • ERA 5 and MERRA 2 download

We do not currently support:

  • OpenWind WRB
  • Meteodyn flow output, but you may use the WRG output from Meteodyn
  • WAsP CFD or FlowRES format - you may import this into WAsP and export WRGs for WindFarmer


Recommended system requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10

Processor: 3GHz processor or above

RAM: 16GB or more

Graphics card: Graphics acceleration is only used for data cleaning

Resolution: 1920 x 1200 at 100% DPI, WindFarmer: Analyst is designed to utilize wide screen monitors

Monitors: Multiple monitors are useful for data cleaning and scripting tasks that can utilize multiple windows

Mouse: Mouse with scroll wheel

Get more information on installation and system requirements



Unlimited email support at Straightforward software installation and usage queries are generally answered the next day within European working hours. More complex and domain-related questions often take a little longer, for example where we need to draw on domain experience from the hundreds of experts and professionals across DNV.


Our support team can transfer a licence between team members up to four times per year.

Still have questions about what WindFarmer can do for your company?

We are happy to assist.

Anja Neubert

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