Redefining solar yield evaluation with investment outcomes you can trust​

World-leading modelling

The software built for efficiency and scalability, enabling you to design solar PV farms with more confidence than ever before. Our cutting-edge software and world-leading modelling capabilities offer bankable yield results and predictions.


Download and read the validation study

Yield comparison against PVsyst - the standard deviation decreased from 3.2% using PVsyst to 2.3% when using SolarFarmer.


User guides and calculation models

How to get started using the software and an introduction to the calculation stages and theory.

Elevating solar yields: Where precision meets innovation in yield calculation

A paradigm shift in the solar industry's yield calculation standards. Our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art software raises the bar. Delivering yield accuracy within 0.1% of site measurements, and reducing uncertainty across sites by 30%. Redefine success with SolarFarmer's validated methodology, setting a new standard for precision and innovation in solar yield calculation.

  • Trusted methodology: Built on a reliable and trusted continual validation of 2.4GW years of operational data
  • Advanced modelling: Irregular terrain and 3D shade modelling along with bifacial, fill sub-module electrical mismatch, sub-hourly and multi-year simulations of any time resolution and length
  • Benefit from the latest tracker technologies: Facilitating supplier collaboration with direct import of tracker performance time histories

SolarFarmer calculation model reference

Streamline, automate, succeed: SolarFarmer leads the way

Empower users to create their own robust workflows and automate processes, saving valuable time and resources. With the ability to perform complex calculations and trace the results. 

  • Boost efficiency: Automate data import and export to reduce manual effort and avoid transcription errors
  • Design-in traceability: Create your own scripted workflows, catering to the unique need of your projects and stakeholder communications
  • Simplify decision-making: Easily evaluate the impact of different layouts and component suppliers on yield by exploring hundreds of design choices quickly

SolarFarmer automation documentation


Your solar journey, simplified: Learn, adapt, excel with ease

Get started quickly: SolarFarmer is an advanced software tool that makes PV design and modelling simple and intuitive. Even if you're new to it, you can easily learn and master the skills through step-by-step workflows, detailed documentation, and the opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate with industry experts.

Go through our tutorial for a SolarFarmer project from start to finish

Step-by-step guide

SolarFarmer software capabilities

SolarFarmer graphic

SolarFarmer is a reliable and comprehensive desktop software application for solar photovoltaic plants project yield assessment, utilizing DNV's methodology and drawing on extensive operational data to address the challenges of the rapidly expanding solar industry.​ 


  • Site selection analysis including mapping, terrains, solar resources and environmental restrictions​
  • Create horizon lines from terrain data, or import your own​
  • Import and/or draw site boundaries and exclusion regions with options to rectify directly on to site imagery and maps, and to handle slope exclusions automatically​
  • Build huge sites quickly with inverter block replication​
  • Advanced modelling algorithms: Regular and irregular terrains, 2-D and high–efficiency 3-D shade modelling​
  • Model any module technology: Silicon, thin film and HIT; mono- and bifacial​
  • Sub-hourly and multi-year climate time series input: Freedom to calculate any irradiance time stamp, either horizontal or plane-of-array data.
  • Full electrical mismatch calculation for any size site​
  • Design from conceptual model to finance quality yield assessment​
  • Multi-scenario-design iteration: Explore 100+ of design choices with automation​
  • Built-in industry standard tracking & backtracking algorithms, and tracker time history import for novel & proprietary algorithms.​
  • Create your own workflows and batch calculations with the in-app script editor​
  • Run your yield calculations in the cloud to leverage larger computing capabilities and speed up the design process  ​
  • Integrate 2D and 3D yield calculation API into your own workflows* ( contact us for further information on API)

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  Downloads, videos and product help

Downloads, videos and product help





Why SolarFarmer from DNV?

DNV is constantly innovating to meet its customers' changing needs. We transform ideas into services and solutions co-created with our customers.  ​

We are committed to providing the solar industry with the most accurate prediction of future project energy output. SolarFarmer draws on DNV's expertise and continuous validation methodology to improve analysis transparency, project assurance, and project bankability.​

DNV Solarfarmer is not just software; it is a commitment to a renewable energy future. Software leverages cutting edge technology, including solar resource yield assessment, analysis and cloud-based accessibility to shape the future of solar energy, making it more accessible, efficient and sustainable than ever before.




Yes, we offer discounted licences for researchers.



SolarFarmer is compatible with many file formats and its scripting capability provides a convenient way to interface with other formats, including your own in-house formats. 

Want to discuss more specifically how SolarFarmer could fit in with your current toolchain? Contact us.


Recommended system requirements: 

Operating system: Windows 10 

Processor: 3GHz processor or above 

RAM: 16GB or more 

Graphics card: Graphics acceleration is only used for data cleaning 

Resolution: 1920 x 1200 at 100% DPI, SolarFarmer is designed to utilize wide screen monitors 

Mouse: Mouse with scroll wheel 

Get more information on installation and system requirements 



Unlimited email support. Straightforward software installation and usage queries are generally answered the next day within European working hours. More complex and domain-related questions often take a little longer, for example where we need to draw on domain experience from the hundreds of experts and professionals across DNV.


Our support team can transfer a licence between team members up to four times per year.

Still have questions about what SolarFarmer can do for your company?

We are happy to assist.

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