We help to create sustainable, long-lasting wind farms with reliable energy predictions and investment outcomes

For renewable energy developers aiming to maximize energy potential and meet their sustainability objectives, our wind energy evaluation software is the ideal choice. You can rely on precise and trustworthy estimates of your project's energy output using our future-oriented methodology and experienced expert analysis, providing you the confidence you need to make informed decisions. Trust us to provide you with the insights you need to optimize your renewable energy projects and make a positive impact on the environment.

Unlock the full potential of your wind farm

The WindFarmer software makes it possible to predict reliable yield results over time for wind farms without having to worry about the under-performance of energy or the return on investments. Accuracy of energy yield prediction is a critical factor for any wind farm. We offer advanced simulation models (time series, Monte Carlo, P10–P90 levels), wake model analysis, and uncertainty analysis that provide highly accurate and reliable energy estimates by considering the impact of linear and non-linear uncertainties and losses.

WindFarmer - Renewables energy developers

We help renewable energy developers work smarter and faster by creating intuitive and automated workflows

Empower users to create their own robust workflows and automate processes, saving valuable time and resources. With the ability to perform complex calculations and trace the results. Our mature scripting functionality provides flexibility to innovate and customize your workflows to your specific needs, automate repetitive workflows, and achieve accurate results with shorter delivery schedules.

WindFarmer - Renewables energy developers

From novice to expert, software for everyone

WindFarmer is a cutting-edge software tool that allows users to rapidly and simply learn the complexity of wind energy analysis. Easy-to-use interfaces allow users to understand the complexities even if they have no prior experience or specialist knowledge. You can do detailed simulations, estimate wind farm performance, and make data-driven decisions to build the wind farms.

WindFarmer - Renewables energy developers

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