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Marine operations with 3D simulation and visualization - Sesam for marine systems

Risk management of marine operations and offshore installation

Marine operations with 3D simulation and visualization

Sesam's modules Sima, Simo and Riflex let you visually simulate, test and evaluate marine operations ahead of offshore handling. These modules allow you to significantly reduce risk for transportation, installation and lifting of fixed and floating structures, and installation of subsea equipment.

What you get with Sesam's integrated set of tools

  • Model and visualize transportation, installation and lifting analysis ahead of time in 3D simulation
  • Run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Shows results of all known factors, including dynamic positioning
  • Coupled and multi-body analysis is performed in time domain
  • Integrated post-processor and results presentation

Reducing risk during marine operations

Marine offshore operations can involve unpredictable and unforeseen complexities. By analysing multiple possible scenarios and simulating operations in 3D and real time, you can base critical decisions on the best available information. The benefits of using Sesam can be crucial for successful completion of offshore installations.

With Sesam's software toolset you can

  • Manage risk of marine operations
  • Perform ‘what-if’ analyses and improve HSE performance
  • Evaluate feasibility and gain better understanding of main challenges
  • Prepare for actual operation through familiarization
  • Support decision-making during actual operation
  • Analyse based on 3rd-order Runge-Kutta and Newmark-β methods, among others

Sesam for marine systems can be used for

  • Lifting analysis of topsides and modules
  • Lifting and installation analysis of SURF structures (templates, pipelines, flexible risers)
  • Float-over installation/removal of topsides
  • Load-out from quay to barge 
  • Offloading (tankers in tandem or side-by-side)
  • Offshore crane operations
  • Jacket lift installation and removal
  • Transportation of offshore floaters (e.g. TLP, semi-submersible, spar)
  • Up-ending of spar, and towing platforms by tugs (e.g. GBS)

All analysis is performed through a user-friendly graphic interface (module Sima) proving modelling and post-processing functionality, with static and dynamic time domain calculations done using the modules Simo and Riflex.

One common tool for all marine systems including those for floating offshore wind turbine (OWT) structures

Our marine systems tools are also well suited to analyze the hydrodynamic motions and mooring response of floating systems used to support wind turbines.

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  Sesam for marine systems

Sesam for marine systems

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  Sesam marine systems for simulation of lifting installations

Sesam marine systems for simulation of lifting installations

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Sesam marine systems for simulation of deck mating

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Sesam for marine systems modules

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