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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) chooses DNV for technical safety and sustainability assurance of major green hydrogen feedstock and ammonia project in Esbjerg, Denmark

As one of the first gigawatt-scale Power-to-X facilities, HOEST PtX Esbjerg is of major importance for scaling up this technology, as well as for the energy transition in Denmark. It will also be the first industrial site to refer to DNV’s new specifications for the safety of PtX facilities and for the assessment, verification and certification of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, was awarded a framework agreement contract by Danish fund management company Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to provide independent safety, environment and sustainability technical assurance to the HOEST PtX Esbjerg project in Esbjerg, Denmark.  

This leading Danish Power-to-X project aims to produce green ammonia from a hydrogen feedstock using a 1GW electrolyser, which will make it Europe's largest green ammonia plant. This is ultimately expected to reduce CO2 emissions by about 1.5 million tons a year – the equivalent to removing 750,000 cars from the roads permanently . 

Powered entirely by renewables, HOEST PtX Esbjerg will deploy electrolysis technology at the Gigawatt scale to produce green ammonia for fertilizers and maritime fuels, contributing to the long-term sustainability of agriculture and shipping. With a capacity of 1 GW, HOEST PtX Esbjerg will be a key balancing- and storage tool in Denmark’s future energy infrastructure, flexibly scaling up and down in tune with the availability of variable renewable power generation.  

DNV has delivered a number of services to Hoest leading up to this contract, including risk appraisals, early concept life cycle assessment on CO2 emissions, and price and sustainability impact studies. 

DNV is currently developing new specifications for the safety of PtX facilities and for the assessment, verification and certification of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia. The specifications, which are developed hand-in-hand with important PtX industry players – including CIP – will address both traditional industrial plant safety concerns and the unique challenges posed by the production of hydrogen and ammonia from renewable sources. HOEST PtX Esbjerg will be the first industrial facility where CIP and DNV refer to these new specifications, collaborating to reinforce all stakeholders’ confidence in the project, including investors and authorities.  

"As the demand for green hydrogen and green ammonia continues to increase, it is more important than ever to ensure that these industrial processes are conducted safely and sustainably." said David Dupont-Mouritzen, Project Director of HOEST PtX Esbjerg.
"We are pleased to award this framework agreement to DNV for the independent technical assurance of the HOEST plant. DNV brings to the table a solid track record within PtX and the experience of a leading assurance provider to both the traditional and renewables sector. We are also looking forward to collaborate on DNV’s new specifications and contribute to the making of a safe and sustainable PtX industry."

Ditlev Engel, CEO, Energy Systems at DNV

”Strategic Power-to-X projects like HOEST PtX Esbjerg are needed on the pathway to net zero, as we highlighted in DNV’s 2022 Energy Transition Outlook, and in this case particularly important to support the ambitious Danish target of a 70% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030”, stated Ditlev Engel, CEO, Energy Systems at DNV
“As hydrogen and Power-to-X projects develop it is vital that we do not compromise on safety. DNV has undertaken technical assurance projects in Denmark for more than 40 years and we are pleased to continue to collaborate with CIP as a trusted voice for safety and sustainability. Our new PtX specifications will play a crucial role in supporting the growth of this sector, while protecting the health and safety of workers and the environment.”

Mick Cramer Jakobsen, Head of Customer Relations and Sales, Energy Systems at DNV
From the right: DNV Energy Systems CEO Ditlev Engel, HØST PtX Esbjerg CEO David Dupont-Mouritzen and DNV Energy Systems Head of Customer Relations and Sales Mick Cramer Jakobsen

“Hydrogen will make up 15% of the energy mix in Europe by 2050, and green ammonia production will play an important part in the new Hydrogen economy. DNV is committed to collaborating with the PtX industry to deliver a safe and efficient scale-up. The future of PtX will be determined by the industry’s success in managing barriers such as infrastructure, production processes, safety and hazards, and regulations and standards, which are some of six central barrier categories identified by our Hydrogen Forecast to 2050 report. DNV specifications provide much-needed guidance to the industry, ensuring safety and reliability by addressing the unique challenges posed by the production of hydrogen and ammonia from renewable sources” concluded Mick Cramer Jakobsen, Head of Customer Relations and Sales, Energy Systems at DNV.

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