An increasing number of companies are rapidly developing ambitious sustainability targets, including reducing scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonization from their operations and value chains. To reduce your scope 2 carbon footprint, an integrated green energy procurement strategy is crucial.

For businesses with operations and facilities spread across multiple countries, defining and implementing green energy procurement processes can be challenging, especially amongst different jurisdictions. During the process, questions regarding assessing and choosing various green energy procurement instruments can be triggered. Specifically in corporate power purchase agreement (cPPA) contracts, financial and operational risks will have to be considered and accounted for.

DNV is a one-stop shop in energy advisory, having both energy market knowledge and access, and trading know-how, to help corporate buyers navigate the risks and opportunities that procuring renewable energy on a large scale presents. We understand that purchasing clean energy is a key financial and commercial imperative. That’s why we support corporate buyers to limit commercial liability and identify the smartest green energy sourcing solutions – especially for businesses with operations and facilities spread across multiple countries.

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Green energy strategy

Our team has supported multi-national clients set and implement their renewable energy targets. This includes providing:

  • Renewable energy implementation worldwide
  • Global EAC procurement in all markets they are available
  • CDP, RE100 and STB expertise
  • Physical corporate PPAs and virtual PPAs globally
  • On-site generation

Corporate PPA advisory

  • DNV guides you through each step of the process and helps to optimize your PPA contract
  • Our experience in delivering all types of PPA contracts can significantly reduce the time of PPA project delivery and can potentially save your business on it's energy costs
  • Our internal process automation accelerates the cPPA process during the market screening stage.

Green energy sourcing options

  • DNV's approach to creating and implementing strong green energy procurement strategies is tailored specifically to your company's priorities and milestones
  • We combine deep technical expertise, proven advisory methodology and innovative digital tools to deliver high quality advisory and implementation services.
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