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Download the Energy Transition Outlook North America

DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook North America is a deep dive into the energy future of the US and Canada through 2050. It showcases the advances being made by our customers toward a clean energy future and insights from our experts across North America.

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The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the refocused Canadian Federal Budget are a major boost for clean energy in North America. They are accelerating the buildout of renewable energy and the growth of whole new demand sectors for that clean energy, from EVs through to electrolyzers producing green hydrogen. 

By more than doubling electrification in the region and transitioning to an almost fully decarbonized electricity mix, vast amounts of energy waste will be eliminated in North America. Combined with the plunging costs of renewables and battery storage, the positive impacts of reduced energy intensity on economic activity are profound. This includes our finding that the average North American household will be spending only half as much on energy in 2050 compared with today. Download the report to learn about how the energy transition will unfold in North America.