Future-proofing our power grids

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Our latest research reveals that energy industry leaders see an urgent need for greater investment in the power grid, to better connect regions, secure reliable electricity distribution and meet climate targets. But are power grids ready to support the demands of the energy transition? How will the future power grid be different from today? What are the big challenges involved in transforming the power grid to suit a new energy mix.

Our new research explores these and other crucial questions, drawing on in-depth interviews with:

  • Valeria d’Ettorre, Senior Analyst on Market Studies and Regulatory Analysis at Enel Grids, and Vice-Chair of the Distribution and Market Facilitation Committee at Eurelectric
  • Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Grid Software, Siemens
  • Oliver Franz, VP European Associations at E.ON, and Chair of the Distribution and Market Facilitation Committee at Eurelectric
  • John Irving, Senior Consultant at the World Bank
  • Guy Nicholson, Grid Manager at Statkraft UK
  • Mark Paterson, Managing Director - Australia/Lead Systems Architect, Strategen
  • Louise Rullaud, Head of Distribution & Market Facilitation Team at Eurelectric
  • Daan Schut, Chief Transition Officer and member of the board of directors at Alliander
  • Florence Silver, Policy Manager at Ofgem

- plus a survey of over 400 energy industry professionals from around the world.

Future-proofing our power grids is part of the DNV's Industry Insights series – which explores the confidence, sentiment, and priorities for the energy industry in the year ahead.

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