SEEMP Part III in a nutshell

The SEEMP Part III is intended to help companies achieve the required CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator). Related to this annual rating, the SEEMP Part III is a mandatory, ship-specific document that lays out the plan to improve the CII, and therefore the vessel’s operational energy efficiency, for the next three years. 

The SEEMP Part III is a dynamic document subject to regular updates and revisions, reflecting changing performance and required measures. It must be verified and kept on board the respective vessel from 1 January 2023 together with the Confirmation of Compliance (CoC).  

Connection between DCS, CII and SEEMP Part III 

Starting in 2024, the CII must be calculated and reported to the Data Collection System (DCS) verifier together with the aggregated DCS data for the previous year, including any correction factors and voyage adjustments. The attained CII and the environmental rating (A to E) will be noted on the DCS Statement of Compliance (SoC), which will be required to be kept on board for five years. 

In case of a D rating for three consecutive years or one E rating, the SEEMP Part III must be updated with a Corrective Action Plan and verified before the DCS SoC can be issued. The Corrective Action Plan should consist of an analysis of why the required CII was not achieved and include a revised implementation plan.

Connection between DCS, CII and SEEMP Part III (body image)

Verification of SEEMP Part III

As a Recognized Organization to the IMO, DNV is able to verify your SEEMP Part III.

The following must be included in the SEEMP Part III:

  • The required CII for the next three years, calculated based on each vessel’s particulars
  • The target CII for the next three years, calculated based on vessel’s planned operational measures 
  • An implementation plan documenting how the required CII will be achieved during the next three years,
  • Procedures for self-evaluation and improvement
  • Possibly Corrective Action Plan (in case of inferior rating)

How DNV can help you with the SEEMP Part III

SEEMP Part III generator

To ensure that our customers comply with the regulatory requirements and can easily plan further steps of their decarbonization journey, DNV offers SEEMP Part III Generator where both initial revisions and Corrective Actions Plans can be submitted for verification.

SEEMP Part III – advisory support

For more challenging vessels or trades, Maritime Advisory by DNV can provide the SEEMP Part III with the most up-to-date accuracy of the level of effectiveness of abatement measures suitable for the individual vessel, taking into account already exploited operational optimizations and investments.

Company Audits

Periodical company audits are required to confirm that the SEEMP part III is being implemented onboard, including verification of the progress of measures, self-assessment and responsibilities related to the implementation and monitoring of measures. 

DNV will offer Company SEEMP audit in combination with ISM company audit, with a frequency of approximately every 3rd year. An option for annual SEEMP Company audits will also be available. The company SEEMP audit will also be offered as a service to companies not having ISM certification with DNV. 

A statement confirming that that the company SEEMP audit has been carried out will be issued.  

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