DNV’s DCS verification plugs you in to a range of other compliance services and enables you to visualize, monitor and manage your emissions data, as well as benchmark against the industry average.

DNV’s state-of-the-art DCS platform allows you to upload your raw data whenever it suits you – removing the need for manual data aggregation and submission. With your data uploaded to the platform, Emissions Insights, our unique emissions analysis tool, helps you turn tick-box exercises into valuable business information.  

Emissions Insights not only provides real-time insights through powerful data visualization, but also shows the preliminary CII rating of the fleet and vessels for the next three years based on the current data. In addition, it can also compare your performance against the industry benchmark and how you meet the Poseidon Principles and Sea Cargo Charter criteria. 

In order to help our customers to effectively meet the SEEMP Part III challenge, we have developed the SEEMP III generator, which is free for our DCS customers.

DNV’s MRV and DCS verification plugs you into a range of additional compliance services – paving the way for a seamless journey to decarbonization.

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Integrated SEEMP Part III generation and easy updating

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Convenient monitoring of emissions and CII ratings

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Combined verification to reduce effort to a minimum

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Guidelines on CII and SEEMP have been finalized – immediate action is recommended

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