CII – Carbon Intensity Indicator

Operational carbon intensity class services

The IMO CII scheme will enter into force on the 1st of January 2023. Starting already today, DNV’s DCS customers can use Emissions Insights on Veracity to monitor their preliminary CII Rating. Emissions Insights is a dashboard for easy monitoring of vessel and fleet CO2 status. It gives insight into the fleet performance compared with benchmarks and provides the preliminary CII Rating for your fleet. The results are based on the submitted DCS data, and you can check the historic rating or monitor the preliminary 2021 rating based on most recently reported data. The intention is to create awareness of the upcoming IMO CII Rating and how it will affect your fleet. 

Emissions Insights is available to DNV’s DCS Customers as part of the DCS Delivery. 


Please note that access to the dashboard is regulated as the information contained therein is deemed sensitive. For access, please contact your company’s Veracity portal administrator.

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