Connection to DCS and CII (image)

Connection between DCS, CII and SEEMP Part III

From 2024, the CII must be calculated and reported to the DCS verifier together with the aggregated DCS data for the previous year, at the latest by 31 March, including any correction factors and voyage adjustments. The CII will be verified together with the aggregated DCS data. From 2024, the attained CII and the environmental rating (A to E) will be noted on the DCS SoC and it will be required to keep the SoC on board for five years.

In case of a D rating for three consecutive years or one E rating, the SEEMP Part III must be updated with a corrective action plan and verified before the SoC can be issued. The deadline for the SoC issuance remains the same (31 May). The corrective action plan should consist of an analysis of why the required CII was not achieved and include a revised implementation plan.

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CII – Carbon Intensity Indicator

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