Aligning New Product and Service Strategies with Electricity Customer Wants

Aligning New Product and Service Strategies with Customer wants

Do you see Distributed Energy Resources (DER) as an existential threat or as an investment opportunity?  Regardless of what side you weigh in on, most recognize that consumer behavior is driving the proliferation of grid-connected distributed generation. And consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they add new technologies, such as home energy management systems and home automation, which allows them to use the energy they generate more efficiently. This phenomenon has created a disruptive and elusive environment for utilities and system operators -- they can’t see where and when a distributed energy source generates, nor do they have the ability to control that source at the distribution level. Due to the nature of renewable power, affected as it is by cloudiness and wind speed, energy providers are  regulating and adjusting larger central-generation assets to address reliability -- resulting in increased production costs, not to mention congestion and distribution infrastructure stress. At the same time, new players are entering the market who offer technologies and services that traditional utilities are not yet able to offer, such as home automation systems and DER providers.   

All of these elements are bringing the energy industry to the cusp of a great change, where multiple business models are viable. To meet customer needs and maintain market share, all stakeholders need to answer a number of questions: How is the market evolving? What impact will DER have on revenue models? What do customers want and what do they need? What is the best way to serve customers who have moved away from the traditional utility model? What are the technologies they are using? How do system operators ensure reliability when load can be affected by wind speed and cloudiness? Which market transformation initiatives should be prioritized? DNV GL links strategy to concrete customer, grid, and market analytics practices founded on proven and industry-accepted methods to help clients with strategic planning and road mapping for the energy industry of the future. We offer a combination of deep market expertise and hands-on experience, concrete analysis, market research, advanced customer surveying capabilities, and practical implementation strategies and services that enable you to understand and nimbly respond to dynamic customer needs and desires.

  • We link strategy to market data, adding meaning to market research.
  • We have a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors informed by analysis of actual usage, contextualized by primary research on users, having performed analysis of interval load data analytics for more than 100 utilities over the past four decades. 
  • We understand market rules and industry policies, and have been involved in the development of hundreds of energy standards and guidelines world wide. 
  • We have strong survey and analytics capabilities, with more than 140 researchers skilled in conducting market research and applying advanced analytic techniques to interpret findings and extract market intelligence for our clients.
  • We have experience supporting clients with strategy development and business case assessments: Product vendors, ISOs and RTOs, investor-owned and municipal utilities, competitive retail providers, OEMs, and state and federal policy makers. 
  • We have a leadership role in the smart energy community, with our participation in the DOE’s technical advisory group for the ARRA Smart Grid Investment Grant consumer behavior studies and as members of the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative. 
  • We have designed business plans, implemented pilot projects, and evaluated the results of home energy management system (HEMS) programs and technologies for utilities across the US, helping to develop and promote this leading edge customer-focused technology.
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