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Developers of offshore wind projects face considerable risks

We believe success relies on understanding the dependencies between different parts of the offshore wind value chain.

Built on decades of engineering expertise, our software enables developers worldwide to evaluate, finalise optimal structural design and risk-manage future-ready wind farms with precision, pace and efficiency.

DNV is the only supplier in the market offering digital solutions from the feasibility studies all the way through to the structural asset management of wind farms. Our proven engineering tools are built on over 50 years’ experience in the offshore energy industry.

Our tools and services provide you with the confidence and support needed to implement offshore wind projects all around the world.

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Offshore wind turbine

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Wind turbine design


Wind farm design and analysis

Sesam and Bladed for Fixed

Supporting the development of fixed offshore wind turbine foundations

Sesam and Bladed for Floating

Supporting the development of floating offshore wind turbine foundations

Sesam for Transport and Installation

Simulation and visualization for marine operations

See how customers are succeeding with DNV's offshore wind software:


COWI uses combined power of Bladed and Sesam


Taisei uses DNV software solutions for offshore wind projects

BlueFloat Energy

BlueFloat Energy relies on WindFarmer for energy yield assessments

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