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The rapid expansion and development of offshore wind presents new energy assessment challenges

With the combined effects of larger rotors, massive project scales, and flow conditions, all contributing to an industry-wide loss of confidence in project lifetime energy yield expectations.


Software for wind farm design and analysis

We are committed to providing the wind industry with the most accurate prediction of future energy output. Our software WindFarmer draws on DNV's 35 years and 340 GW of global wind farm energy production assessment experience, and our analysts are at the forefront of today’s large scale offshore wind modelling and validation projects. All of this feeds into WindFarmer, building on top of 900 years of onshore and offshore operational data from completed projects, to continuously validate our methods and improve analysis transparency, project assurance, and project bankability.

With WindFarmer you predict reliable yield results for future wind farms, by bringing the world's most validated methodologies to secure a long-term return on investments for your projects.

Great for:

  • Designing wind farms 
  • Accurate annual energy assessments 
  • Comprehensive wake and blockage modelling 
  • Seamless scalability with API integration 
  • Innovation and process automation

How can we help you with Energy Assessment?

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