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Wind turbines continue to grow in size, power and in complexity

In today’s world an understanding of turbine behaviour is key to optimizing your wind turbine design and to reduce risk.


Software for wind turbine design

Bladed software is the leading solution for designing and certifying wind turbines for onshore and offshore applications. It enables you to build realistic and sophisticated simulations of wind turbines and their operational environment. Bladed is the industry standard and the trusted partner for the entire design journey - from the initial concept and design to the final approval and on-site commissioning.

Learn more about the different Bladed software modules and how they cater to your needs for offshore wind turbine design.

Great for:

  • Wind turbine design
  • Control system design
  • Aero-elastic stability analysis
  • Turbine life extension and site suitability
  • Fixed and floating wind turbine coupled analysis 
  • Support structure preliminary design
  • Advanced hydrodynamics and aerodynamics

We have been making use of the seismic functionality in Bladed to do quite detailed seismic analysis at a very preliminary stage of projects.

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