Process hazard analysis

The importance of managing hazards in the process industry
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Materials such as oil and gas can present a significant hazard due in part to their high energy content. Pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals may be flammable, explosive and toxic. To add to the risk, hazardous pressures and temperatures are often necessary in order to process these materials to create usable products.

For these reasons the process industry is a source of major hazards to people, property and the environment. The global community of process safety professionals continuously strives to manage these hazards. DNV’s hazard analysis tools contain world-leading, experimentally validated models for simulation of the behaviour of loss of containment of hazardous materials. By analysing and visualizing potential discharge, dispersion, fires, explosions and toxic effects, steps can be taken to minimize and manage these hazards at design time and in operation of major hazard facilities.

With over 30 years of development, and continuous research and innovation, DNV’s hazard analysis tools have been adopted by thousands of users around the world throughout the process industries. We know the importance of managing hazards, and our expertise and principles are embedded in our hazard analysis tools, with world-leading modelling and experimental capabilities.


Phast is the most comprehensive process hazard analysis software system for process safety management in all stages of design and operation in the process industry.

Phast Lite

Phast Lite is a user-friendly and powerful software tool for consequence analysis and dispersion analysis.

Phast 3D Explosions

Our explosion modelling software brings advanced 3D explosion models to Phast

Phast Multi-Component Extension

Atmospheric dispersion modelling software providing you with more detailed and accurate consequence results.