Plan for emergencies

Adequate planning for an emergency is crucial in creating an effective emergency response plan. It is vital to understand the behaviour and potential consequence of release of hazards, particularly in industries handling hazardous materials such as the chemical and oil and gas industries. When a release of hazardous materials occurs, it is important to have a clear understanding of the possible consequences of release, such as the extent of fire, explosion, and toxic releases. This serves as a critical guide for emergency responders, enabling them to act swiftly and decisively during emergency, thereby enhancing overall safety.

To effectively plan for such incidents, it is crucial that personnel involved in emergency response planning to answer key questions such as:

  • How wide-spread could the impact of the incident be in varying weather conditions?
  • Which areas and population groups are at risk of exposure and for how long?
  • What is the influence of prevailing wind conditions, e.g. day-time versus night-time?

Modelling of detailed hazardous outcomes using Phastâ„¢

Phast is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of hazardous outcomes resulting from material releases. Using validated mathematical models, it simulates the behaviour of flammable and toxic substances, offering valuable insights to emergency responders. Its capabilities include determining the location and size of potential fires, explosions, and toxic clouds. Its Geographical Information System (GIS) feature allows users to pinpoint release locations and incorporate additional information, such as location of safety-critical equipment. This visualization aids in planning, effective communication, and collaboration with stakeholders, enhancing overall analysis capabilities for better decision-making.

Simplifying hazard assessments during emergency response using Phast Online

As an alternative to the desktop version of Phast, safety professionals can also experience the convenience and efficiency of Phast modelling through Phast Online, the web-based platform designed for quick and intuitive emergency response. With no prior knowledge of Phast calculations required, safety professionals can instantly access a suite of applications through its user-friendly interface. Perform consequence analysis and gain valuable insights with just a few clicks. Phast Online streamlines the process, enabling swift hazard assessment and informed decision-making, ensuring a rapid and effective emergency response.

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Control your hazards by modelling discharge, dispersion, fires, explosions and toxic effects.

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Hydrogen consequence and risk modelling

Guidance on modelling hydrogen releases using Phast and Safeti software.


CO2 consequence and risk modelling

Guidance on modelling carbon dioxide (CO2) releases using using Phast and Safeti software.


Consequence estimation

Perform comprehensive consequence analysis and visualization for safety studies such as HAZOP, HAZID, PHA, and LOPA using the Phast software.


Accident & incident investigation

Assess hazardous material releases, identify root causes, and develop preventive measures using the Phast software.


Regulatory compliance

Evaluate and manage consequence and risks associated with hazardous materials and operations for regulatory compliance using the Phast and Safeti software.


Facility citing & occupied buildings risk assessments

Support operators in conducting Occupied Buildings Risk Assessments (OBRA) for major hazard installations using the Safeti software.

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