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Manage risk throughout the asset lifecycle

Your management of hazards doesn’t stop with consequence analysis. Accounting for the likelihood of loss of containment scenarios and performing risk analysis is a core function of any process safety professional.​

Safeti, our Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) software, models both consequences and risks in one interface, giving you the means for effective management of your hazards.​

Evaluate key risk metrics for ALARP demonstration​

Individual and societal risk metrics are provided as standard: LSIR contours, FN curves and PLL. 

Risk ranking points allow you to determine the risk at any location on your map and identify major risk contributors.​

With flexible ways to setup your study and perform sensitivity studies, it's easy to evaluate the impact of risk reduction measures identified as part of your ALARP demonstration process.​

Risk-based design for cost-effective operations​

Why prevent the worst case consequence when it has a one in a million chance of occurring? ​

Many regulations around the world allow for risk-based design, where risks are mitigated in areas where it matters most.​

Safeti software supports easy identification of the highest risk contributors, so that meaningful mitigation measures can be proposed by your stakeholders and evaluated further for their risk impact.​

Move your QRA beyond a box-ticking exercise and take real action from your risk data.​

Safeti software extensions for in-depth analysis

Safeti offers extensions that enhance the modelling capabilities and provide a deeper insight into the quantitative risk analysis of complex scenarios.

Explosions extension for performing occupied buildings risk assessment. The extension provides:

  • explosion calculations in three dimensions
  • building vulnerability modelling​
  • overpressure and thermal radiation exceedance curves​
  • frequency contours for consequence effects​

Multi-Component (MC) extension for advanced modelling of complex mixtures (e.g. two-phase releases).

Safeti pricing and licencing


Recommended when there is no need to share licences.

Access for one single user. Install and administer the software yourself on one single machine. Choose from 1 day to 1 year access.


Network (Concurrent)

Recommended when there is need for multiple users at the same time.

Access for multiple simultaneous users where the product licence is installed on a network server and software installation on the individual user's machine.


Whether you're a new or an experienced user, we offer a variety of technical software courses to help you get the most out of our products. You can join us face to face, online or book a private training course.

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Frequently asked questions

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In addition to having the applications of Phast, Safeti is typically used in the following applications: 

  • Cost-benefit analysis 
  • Fire and explosion risk assessment (FERA) 
  • Occupied buildings risk assessment (OBRA) 
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) 
  • Risk-based design Sensitivity analysis
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We offer a range of lease / subscription options from 1-day up to 3 years as well as perpetual. Lease / subscription options are available to purchase digitally using credit card or invoicing via our Veracity marketplace.

Lease / subscription and perpetual options are also available by speaking to a sales manager.

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All versions of Phast and Safeti can be downloaded via our knowledge centre.

The knowledge centre also provides release notes, detailing updates to each version.

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Product videos

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Consequence and QRA webinars

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Knowledge and support

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Discover applications of our software


Accident & incident investigation

Assess hazardous material releases, identify root causes, and develop preventive measures using the Phast software.


Consequence estimation

Perform comprehensive consequence analysis and visualization for safety studies such as HAZOP, HAZID, PHA, and LOPA using the Phast software.


Emergency response

Simulate consequences from loss of containment scenarios to aid in the development of effective emergency response plans using the Phast software.


Facility citing & occupied buildings risk assessments

Support operators in conducting Occupied Buildings Risk Assessments (OBRA) for major hazard installations using the Safeti software.


Regulatory compliance

Evaluate and manage consequence and risks associated with hazardous materials and operations for regulatory compliance using the Phast and Safeti software.

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