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Structure ecosystem solutions

Covering the complete needs for strength assessment and structural integrity management from initial design to eventual decommissioning
Sesam software for strength assessment of offshore stuctures

Structure ecosystem

In an era of low oil prices operators are facing increasing challenges to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. There is a need to design and build offshore structures that are more cost effective, while reducing operating costs of existing structures, without compromising structural integrity or safety in operation. A key to driving efficiency and reducing costs is the concept of a cloud-based digital twin, a virtual image of an asset and all associated data supporting asset-centric engineering applications. Updated throughout the lifecycle, the digital twin is an aggregated database representing the as-is state of the asset at any point in time.

Strength assessment and structural integrity management

DNV’s structure ecosystem solutions cover the complete needs for strength assessment and structural integrity management from initial design to eventual decommissioning. Through the digital twin it supports long term information management and provides a cost-effective collaboration platform available to all stakeholders. With its advanced analytical offshore structural engineering tools, and access to data from anywhere at any time, our ecosystem helps to ensure more profitable, safe, and sustainable operations of all types of fixed and floating offshore structures, including those supporting offshore wind turbines.

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Digital twin

Data smart asset solutions

Sesam for fixed structures

Offshore and marine structural engineering

Sesam for floating structures

Floating structure design and modification

Sesam for moorings and risers

Analysis of moorings and subsea umbilicals

Sesam for marine systems

Marine operations with 3D simulation and visualization

Sesam for pipelines

Subsea pipeline design software

Sesam for offshore wind

Offshore wind turbine foundation analysis

Sesam for design optimization - CAESES

Upfront design optimization software

Nauticus Hull

Ship structural analysis and design

Nauticus Machinery

Marine propulsion design and analysis

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