Software for design of concrete offshore structures - ShellDesign and Sesam

The most comprehensive software solution for concrete offshore structures, from concept design to detail design

Design and analyse concrete GBS, fixed or floating offshore structures

ShellDesign software for concrete offshore structures calculates utilization ratios and fatigue of concrete and reinforcement, shear capacities, crack widths and other relevant design parameters according to well-known design standards of reinforced concrete structures. It is the world's only design and post-processing tool specifically developed for concrete structures in marine environments. In combination with Sesam, ShellDesign is a powerful and comprehensive software solution for offshore engineers working with concrete platforms. 

Concrete offshore structure software 

  • ShellDesign is a design tool and post-processor for reinforced concrete shell structures subjected to stresses in and out of plane. ShellDesign is the only software specifically developed for design of concrete gravity-based (GBS) structures, fixed and floating platforms for offshore wind turbines. The concrete offshore structure software is based on  extensive development and project experience accumulated through a large number of offshore concrete projects of Dr.techn.Olav Olsen AS
  • The concrete structure can be modelled with shell and solid elements
  • The design check is based on plate and shell theory
  • ShellDesign is used in several projects globally, including Draugen, Hebron GBS certification, Troll A SRS model, Troll B SRS model, Heidrun - Dvalin,  Hywind, OO-Star Wind Floater
  • Seamless integration with Sesam software for fixed structures, floating structures and offshore wind
  • Worldwide technical support and training is available

Sesam - for concrete structures

Sectional design calculations and code checks

ShellDesign performs sectional design calculations (code checks) according to several design standards. The implemented design standards are:

  • DNV-OS-C502 Offshore Concrete Structures
  • NS 3473.E Concrete structures - Design and detailing rules 6th edition
  • NS-EN 1992-1-1:2004+NA:2008: Design of Concrete Structures - General Rules and Rules for Buildings (Eurocode 2)

Specialized solutions for designing large concrete offshore structures

Designing large concrete offshore structures is complex and requires specialized competence and specialized tools. In order to meet regulatory requirements and achieve customers’ goals, engineers often rely on manual checks in general purpose tools or in-house scripts. The integrated workflow between Sesam and ShellDesign allow you to seamlessly run all the necessary analyses and to code-check against the main industry standards (NS 3473, EUROCODE and DNVGL offshore concrete structures).

Software for reinforced concrete shell structures: the capabilities

Combining Sesam and ShellDesign for concrete offshore structure design, you can easily obtain:

  • Structural FE (finite element) model, including top side and other non-concrete geometry 
  • Efficient design for high number of loads and load combinations
  • Non-linear response for reinforced concrete
  • ULS, ALS, SLS and FLS code checks of the concrete structure
  • Displacements
  • Concrete utilizations
  • Reinforcement utilizations
  • Crack widths
  • Fatigue

Key benefits of combining ShellDesign with Sesam

  • Efficient analysis and high quality design for large concrete structures
  • Seamless analysis and design
  • Increased safety and operability with automatic calculations of  non-linear behaviour of reinforced concrete
  • Easily document robustness in existing structures for life extension and modifications 

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