2022 Floating Wind Solutions

DNV is a proud sponsor of the 2022 Floating Wind Solutions Conference and Exhibition

Offshore wind turbine foundation and analysis with Sesam software for offshore wind

Discover the value of our software solutions for offshore wind - Sesam, Bladed and WindFarmer.

Sesam for offshore wind

Read about our software for offshore wind turbine foundation analysis

Sesam for offshore wind brochure

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Software for Offshore Wind

Learn more about our suite of offshore wind software solutions.

Whitepaper: Integrated Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines

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Customer Story: ODE to Sesam

Learn how our customer, ODE , is using Sesam for offshore wind turbine design


Read more about our wind turbine design software

Bladed brochure

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Bladed and Sesam

Learn how you can use Sesam and Bladed in one workflow

Webinar: Streamline your floating offshore wind structural design using Bladed and Sesam

Watch our webinar on streamlining the design process with Sesam and Bladed

WindFarmer: Analyst

Read more on our software for wind resource assessment.

WindFarmer brochure

Download brochure to read more about WindFarmer.

Questions about Sesam for offshore wind?

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Questions about WindFarmer: Analyst?

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