Wind Resource Assessment software - WindFarmer: Analyst

Our wind resource assessment software is the complete tool for wind resource and energy production assessments and wind farm development.

Wind resource assessment software

If you are planning a wind farm development or looking to make an investment, you need wind resource assessment software that can give you a reliable estimate of the energy production. Throughout the planning process, you will also need to update this estimate many times to understand different wind farm design options. WindFarmer: Analyst is a wind resource assessment tool based on DNV’s proven methodologies developed over several decades of experience in the wind industry.

Wind farm development expertise

With some 30 years of experience, we have worked on wind farm development around the world – accounting for a significant number of GW in each region. What’s more, we draw on over 900 wind farm years of real operational data from completed projects to continually validate the accuracy of the methods we use in wind farm development.

As a result, we have built a strong reputation among the wind farm development lending community for impartiality, integrity and accuracy. The energy and wake models in WindFarmer: Analyst are a key component of DNV's trusted energy assessment reports.Analyst's wake model has been extensively validated using SCADA data from operational wind farms. We scrutinize separate components of the model and develop new models when the evidence shows there is a deficiency. Our validation exercises and model developments are documented in the publication section.

Key benefits of our wind resource assessment software WindFarmer: Analyst

  • Supports wind farm development, including design and analysis, from conceptual model to detailed design
  • Optimize your wind farm development and layout to maximize your own cost-benefit function
  • Robust, validated methodology of the wind resource assessment software provides financial institutions and/or prospective partners with confidence
  • Streamlined workflow that easily steps you through the processes to complete a wind energy production assessment
  • Repeatable, traceable workflow steps that save you time and reduce errors
  • Automated data reconstruction for significant time savings
  • Customize calculations in WindFarmer: Analyst using the software’s automation capability
  • Unique net energy model: calculate energy losses and uncertainties via Monte Carlo simulation

What you get with our wind resource assessment software

WindFarmer: Analyst software provides an efficient task-oriented interface that takes you smoothly through the analysis process. You can:

  • Download or import map data
  • Import, visualize and clean time series measurements
  • Predict the long-term wind climate
  • Model wind flow with WAsP or an external model
  • Optimize your wind farm layout to maximize your own cost-benefit function
  • Simulate wakes and energy using our validated models
  • Export detailed results and generate attractive reports
  • Ensure repeatability with scripting: automate calculations and link to your tools

Once your WindFarmer: Analyst project is configured, it is easy to add further measurements and re-run/repeat all subsequent steps in your analysis automatically, saving you time and reducing potential errors.

To find out how WindFarmer: Analyst can meet your needs for wind farm development design, please contact us.

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