Energy storage design and sizing

DNV guides you through the complexity of sizing and designing energy storage systems to optimize performance and financial return

Sizing and designing an energy storage system efficiently presents a complex challenge. Many aspects, such as the power rating, energy capacity and safety measures, need to be considered. Designing the system too small could lead to additional cost later if the system needs to be increased, while designing it too big can result in unused storage capacity at extra expense. Also, both the renewable system and the storage system need to be sized in accordance to one another to maximize the potential financial return.

Designing your optimal system
Our storage resource, energy and financial optimization service helps you get the economic optimization of your design correct. This ensures that you can maximize system performance and generate greater financial rates of return over the lifetime of the project.

Our experts work with you to understand your energy storage requirements. They assist in you in developing a storage system which is designed efficiently based on aspects such as its application, grid connection and location. We can consider the whole life time cost of the asset and can carry out modelling to ensure both technical and financial elements are optimized.  In addition, we can carry out analysis to ensure both energy storage and renewable systems are correctly sized in accordance to each other.

Combining technical expertise with market understanding
Our teams of technical experts cover many disciplines, giving us the ability to combine skills in areas such as renewables and storage to ensure all aspects of design are optimized in unison.

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