Technical reviews of civil, electrical, controls and grid interconnection works

Ensuring all aspects of energy storage projects are technically sound

While energy storage involves a lot of new, and evolving, technology and know-how there are still many traditional aspects to energy storage projects. For example civil and electrical works, and grid connections, are well understood yet equally important to the project’s success as the more innovative parts. So you need to have them reviewed technically – preferably by someone with experience across all elements of the project, both traditional and new – to ensure they meet all relevant quality and safety standards, and regulations.

From grid connections to civil works
DNV can advise and support you concerning all technical aspects of an energy storage project. Prior to project build we can review grid connections, including the connection contract and connection offer/agreement, in relation to energy storage system specifications. We can also advise you on the connection works and any grid reinforcements required, including construction timescales and guidance on the impact of any compliance requirements.

With respect to electrical works, our experts can give advice on the proposed electrical balance of plant design. This includes plant protection and earthing schemes, as well as review studies on the electrical systems including harmonics, flicker and voltage, and dip/imbalance. Comments can also be made on the system’s compliance with grid code requirements. Furthermore, we can review design documentation to confirm adequacy of design, whilst also highlighting any concerns or omissions in the design.

Our service extends to reviewing and advising you on proposed civil works for sites. For example, metering arrangements for energy storage projects can often be very complex, particularly where two technologies such as solar and storage are combined, or where existing metering arrangements require changing.

Experience across all areas
With decades of experience in traditional engineering areas, combined with our global technical leadership in energy storage, we are well placed to support our customers on all technical aspects of their energy storage projects.

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