Battery safety, risk analysis and permitting support

Comprehensive service helps prepare you for and guide you through new regulation, enabling you to make practical decisions about risk and mitigation measures.

The energy storage standards, certification and permitting world is in flux with standards and codes in development or not yet in force. New data and rules appear seemingly every day, bringing uncertainty for designers, customers and local authorities. Safety is under particular scrutiny and energy storage safety is just starting to be regulated. In a competitive market, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve – don’t get caught by surprise by changing requirements that impact system design and timelines!

Practical decisions about risk and mitigation measures
DNV’s energy storage experts can guide you through this changing landscape and help you make practical decisions about risk and mitigation measures associated with energy storage devices. Our team covers independent engineering, technoeconomic modelling, and risk and advisory services. Together they offer a wealth of destructive testing and explosion modelling experience, complemented by extensive work with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and first responders.

You can access this expertise in a number of ways. These include emergency response training and guides, permitting package development and support, and comprehensive qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative advisory services.

Experience spanning industries
Why should you trust us? Because we have the most extensive large-scale battery testing experience anywhere. At our dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities, we have a strong track-record in both testing for performance over time and testing to destruction to determine worst-case scenario failures. In permitting, we have been working closely with the New York City Fire and Building Departments, who are at the forefront of developing energy storage safety and permitting requirements. And drawing on our experience in the oil & gas industry, we have developed explosion, fire and plume models to assess the impact of an uncontrolled failure event and support the design of mitigation systems.

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