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Design and analysis of offshore wind turbines

Software for offshore wind

Software for design and analysis of offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind is emerging as a key growth area in the energy transition, simultaneously expanding growth whilst innovating to achieve project cost efficiencies. Design and engineering for offshore projects is a collaboration between wind turbine and offshore support structure suppliers. The combination of a fixed or floating support structure and wind turbine inherently introduces great complexity into engineering calculations. Design standards require numerous, lengthy, and often computationally expensive computations with associated large engineering effort for which conventional industry software tools are not enough.

To deliver optimal whole system designs, offshore wind projects require integrated software solutions. Our software for design of offshore fixed and floating wind turbine structures addresses the industry’s need to account for the combined effect of wind and hydrodynamic loads. Bladed and Sesam are well-integrated to allow easy and quick data transfer between products. The workflows allow for increased number of design iterations resulting in optimized designs, for example to reduce the amount of steel used in manufacturing.

Many offshore substructure companies entering the offshore wind industry have the obstacle of rapidly increasing understanding of wind turbine design. Bladed provides access to representative turbine models as well as our turbine engineering experts for supporting your projects in detailed modelling and complex designs.

Why choose DNV for your offshore wind turbine design? 

  • The top 10 wind turbine OEMs use DNV’s wind turbine design software, Bladed
  • The industry leading software for fixed and floating offshore structures analysis is DNV’s Sesam 
  • Over 30 years of software development for Bladed and more than 50 years for Sesam have established best-in-class positions. We are continuing to invest to further developer the packages.
  • Our software tools are extensively validated and we strive to learn from new data sets at every opportunity
  • Well-integrated software allowing easy and quick data transfer between products
  • Dedicated technical support team and access to our engineering experts

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