Controls validation testing for energy storage

Unique and thorough battery testing to ensure proper operation and compliance with upcoming codes and requirements

As the operator, watch dog and protector of energy storage, the battery management system (BMS) plays a crucial role in providing reliable operation. However, there are currently no codes detailing controls safety or performance requirements other than for some simple shutdown tests. This can leave energy storage systems vulnerable as many normal operating mode failures are the result of BMS errors.

Traditional testing services only offer a desk top, paper review of control systems and their analysis will not reveal these errors. To ensure reliable operation you need a more thorough testing method that prepares your system for upcoming codes and requirements. Testing that also reveals any design flaws, weaknesses or missing functionality that is not only important for code compliance but crucial to safe operation as well.

Uniquely DNV
DNV offers the industry’s only BMS and Controls Validation Testing program built on actual hardware and software in-the-loop testing, which can be performed either in the field or in the lab. Our custom service identifies BMS errors, design flaws and weaknesses, or missing functionality in lieu of code that could lead to failures. The testing proves not just that your system has the proper algorithms for operation, but that the operate correctly and that the system will comply with upcoming codes and requirements.

  • Using software models of your system, we simulate dozens of failure modes and events in addition to validating proper performance. Beyond basic functionality testing, we also run scenarios to test analytical capability and controller intelligence, including:
  • The ability to detect failures and abnormal events occurring within normal operating parameters
  • Estimating state of health and state of charge
  • The integration capability of your system with other hardware such as fire detection and alarming, emergency stops, and other components
  • BMS and controls validation testing you can rely on

DNV’s battery BMS and controls validation testing service is built on years of experience in failure analysis, codes, system development and fire service requests, as well as expertise from Marine Cybernetics maritime power system testing. As such, this is the first and only service of its kind that can offer you the peace of mind that the system will perform as designed and in a safe manner.

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