Flex Power Grid Laboratory

Smarter testing for tomorrow's smart grid
Flex Power Grid Laboratory

Tomorrow’s distribution networks will be very different from their contemporary counterparts. Power flow will no longer be only from the transmission grid down towards consumers as generation and energy storage devices are connected throughout the network. Voltage control will become more complex and maintaining adequate levels of power quality for all users will become more onerous. When coupled with ever stricter requirements and targets from industry regulators, this creates a challenging environment for network operators and equipment manufacturers.

Laboratory specifications
The FPG laboratory provides a fully controllable grid-equivalent capable of operating over a wide range of frequencies, harmonics, voltages and power levels. Our system is based on a large customised power electronic inverter providing flexible per-phase control of both the fundamental and harmonic components of the output waveform. The equipment in the laboratory can deliver:

  • voltage levels of up to 24 kVAC
  • a fundamental frequency controllable from DC to 75 Hz
  • a continuous power rating of 1 MVA
  • independent control of harmonics up to the 25th
  • bidirectional power flows in four quadrants
  • passive loads of 0.5 MW and ±1 MVAr

The FPG laboratory can replicate distorted conditions based on measurements from real network or the limits given in national or international standards. Also. it can subject equipment to severe symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage disturbances as well as fundamental frequency excursions. The facility can test machines as well as power converters for low, high and zero voltage fault ride-through, reactive current support and active power control capabilities.

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