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Power cybernetics market is evolving and DNVGL provides a programme of work to serve the power industry as follows:

  • A range of laboratory based tests and validation services for the control and protection of advanced power converters is being carried out for current and new clients
  • Demonstration of Hardware-in-the-loop both in control and in power, using the multi core-FPGA real-time digital simulator, the 1.3 MW programmable DC source and the 200 kW EGSTON all working together in the Flex Power Grid Laboratory is available
  • Model validation as a service is currently being introduced using the converter harmonic models developed in 2017. Through the offshore wind accelerator project, large wind farm owners are asking DNVGL for this. The Flex Power Grid Lab will be used as the basis for the research
  • At the same time, new services are under development that will increase commercial revenue and prepare for the handover of the laboratory to DNV - Energy.

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