Power and renewables

More than the sun: A solar report series

Solar PV is a vital part of the energy transition—and the path is brightly lit

By 2050, solar PV is projected to meet one third of global electricity demand across the globe. That growth and success of solar is due in part to lower component costs, rising technology efficiencies, decreasing levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), and increasing pressure globally to address electrification and climate change. However as there are many opportunities to continue to drive the advancement of solar, the industry still faces challenges.

In this series, we will review our outlook for the coming solar decades in terms of the anticipated costs and market drivers, as well as those technologies that can help systems and the grid to adapt to changing markets and deliver more valuable solar assets. Digitalization, software, and data analytics will play important roles in designing and operating valuable and reliable systems that will deliver on dynamic and robust climate action, while being powerful economic drivers for communities and clean power systems of the future.


The solar outlook


Solar’s digital future


Increasing the value of solar