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A data-driven solution to maximize your solar plant returns

Analyses of SolarGEMINI are integrated into GPM Horizon – a web-based software solution focused on fast, immediate results that can be used in asset management, control rooms, and financial transactions. SolarGEMINI provides the most comprehensive analytics solution in the solar industry for maximizing production, reducing costs and making data-driven decisions. SolarGEMINI includes:

  1. Waterfall chart explaining deviations between expected and metered production
  2. Weather-adjusted expected energy
  3. Identification of incorrect inverter MPPT and tracker settings
  4. Quantification of soiling losses even without soiling sensors
  5. Availability losses
  6. Grid outage losses.

SolarGEMINI chart 770x536pxl 

Real-time support
Intelligent algorithms analyse SCADA data inform the user with statistical anomalies to identify differences between the as-built target tracker and models for the PV plant.

Inverters employing maximum power point tracking algorithms can be sub-optimally configured, leaving some untapped potential energy on the table. SolarGEMINI can monitor DC voltage signals from solar inverters to detect such conditions and alert operators and owners to correct the issue promptly.

Utilizing real-time telemetry collected at the various nodes of a PV system, SolarGEMINI detects inverter-, combiner-, and string-level faults or outages and quantify their past and future energy impact to assist operators and owners to take appropriate corrective actions.

Long-term annual forecast estimation
When sufficient operational data are available, DNV’s algorithms provide long term P50 energy production which also includes future expected availability, specific yield, irradiation resource and observed degradation on a yearly basis.

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