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Subsea facilities

World-class codes

Over the past 45 years, we have issued a series of internationally recognized codes in partnership with the oil and gas industry.

These standards, recommended practices and service specifications help reduce and manage risk. By bridging cutting-edge theory with hands-on experience, our codes enable customers to benefit from our broader view of the subsea industry.

Offshore standards

Our offshore standards (ST) provide technical provisions and acceptance criteria for general use by the industry, as well as the technical basis for DNV offshore services: 

Recommended practices

Our recommended practices (RP) provide proven technology and sound engineering practice, as well as guidance for the higher level offshore service specifications and offshore standards: 

Service specifications

DNV’s service specifications (SE) provide principles and procedures of our classification, certification, verification and technical advisory services: 

Codes covering the planning and execution of marine and subsea installation operations

These codes include recommended practices and the Noble Denton marine services guidelines: