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Certification and verification of subsea equipment

Consistent quality and reduced risk

The subsea industry faces challenges from high cost levels, complexity and inconsistent quality control requirements throughout the supply chain. 

DNV provides verification and certification services for subsea equipment, with a work scope that includes design review and fabrication and testing follow-up.

Our certification scheme for subsea equipment and components is the first of its kind in the industry. The service assesses design and manufacturing activities against DNV standards and international codes and standards, and has the potential to streamline quality and manufacturing processes, create efficiencies, and reduce costs and lead times – without compromising on quality, innovation or safety.  

Our verification service checks compliance of subsea equipment against specified requirements, and can be delivered in all project phases. Extensive verification and review work can be completed before shipping for assembly, reducing risk for integrators and owners. Suppliers can benefit from increased predictability, and opportunities for strategic stocking of long-lead items. 

DNV issues certificates for:

  • Subsea wellhead and tree equipment
  • Subsea production control systems
  • Subsea structures and manifolds.

What you get:

  • Complete certification and verification services
  • A consistent set of quality activities
  • Reduced risk for integrators and owners, with extensive verification and review work completed before shipping for assembly
  • Risk reduced by enabling inspection and surveillance at subcontractor level
  • Fabrication QC/QA across complex and distributed value chains
  • Suppliers can stock long-lead items.