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Verification of process systems and equipment

Independent assurance from our worldwide network

More info about remote surveyProcess systems or equipment delivered from around the world require verification before arriving on site. 

DNV appraisals provide independent assurance that process systems and equipment are designed, manufactured or built to specifications, and that they comply with project and regulatory requirements.  

We provide technical support, design reviews and surveys and any relevant certificates and reports, and our service is known for accuracy, competence and cost-effectiveness. Our worldwide network of technical resources can be invaluable when project specific requirements or performance standards need to be verified at vendor sites. We also provide vendor coordination so that equipment can be properly and completely certified at multiple locations before it is shipped out.  

Independent verification is based on the risk-based methodology contained in our service specifications, resulting in a project specific verification plan, and can include personnel, procedures, equipment and products.

Design reviews

We conduct design reviews to DNV standards, recognized codes and standards, project specifications, operator performance standards and EC directives. Design review is available for specific jobs (case approval), or repeated manufacture (type approval).

Fabrication surveys

Fabrication surveys are based upon criticality (e.g. energy content, hazardous nature of fluids, structural importance) of equipment or systems, statutory requirements, code requirements, operator or vendor specifications.

Manufacturing survey arrangements

Manufacturing survey arrangements for type-approved products reduce the level of our involvement in production processes, and can be established for companies with ISO 9001 systems, following a successful manufacturer product quality assessment.

Manufacturer product quality assessment

Manufacturer product quality assessments are a new quality rating system that audits the manufacturing process on the shop floor. 

Survey schemes

Survey schemes agreed between DNV and the equipment owner can be used for all types of equipment intended for offshore use. 

Welding procedures and welder qualification

DNV performs expert witnessing and approval of welding procedures and can assess welders to recognized standards;

Products we cover:

  • Offshore containers
  • Hazardous area equipment
  • Lifting appliances
  • Well control equipment
  • Process plant equipment
  • Linepipes and bends
  • Pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping and accessories.