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Certification and verification of pressure equipment

Ensuring design and manufacture complies with standards

More info about remote surveyOne of the challenges of exploration in more extreme conditions is that pressure equipment needs to handle high pressures and high temperatures. The high risks involved while designing and manufacturing this equipment mean that certification and verification must be carried out by a competent third party.

DNV provides verification and certification services for pressure equipment, with a work scope that includes design review and inspections. 

Our certification service assesses whether design and manufacturing activities conform to DNV standards and/or international codes and standards. Our verification service can be delivered in all project phases, and checks that pressure containing equipment complies with specified requirements.

DNV is a notified body for the pressure equipment directive (PED 2014/68/EU) and our deep technical and operational knowledge is deployed to help our customers avoid loss of integrity for  all kinds of pressure equipment, a service that DNV provides on a worldwide scale.

DNV provides the ASME Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) services to boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers with our competent and experienced authorized inspectors. DNV is accredited by  ASME to perform the inspection of pressure equipment  as per ASME sections I, IV, VIII Divisions 1, 2 and 3, X and XII and in-service inspection, repairs and alterations  as per National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).

We work with:

  • Pressure vessels, tanks, LNG
  • Heat exchangers
  • Valves
  • Special piping parts, fittings, pressure and safety accessories
  • Piping
  • Independent analysis/verification of pressure contained equipment
  • Boilers.